Monday, October 27, 2014


One week left and my baby is almost 1 years old, I am half there to being caught up. Wish me luck!

May was a fun and busy month. Here are lots of photos of what we were up to.

 Morning horse rides with Daddy!
 This girl is 6 months old! She scooting around! No video proof yet, she gets camera shy.
 Got a new used swing set for our backyard. Papa Buzz brought it to us from cousin Zoey. He put his work overalls on and put it together for us!
 Scooting around the kitchen.
 Naomi is my big helper and sometimes Jaxon lets her help him. Love these moments!
 These girls love each other so much!
 Naomi had her last day of first grade. Man that year flew by.
 Cory's mini me. Jaxon loves trying on Daddy's glasses.
 Marley's first trip to the pool. Dont let her facial expression fool you, she loved it! She was splashing all over.
 Bonding with Papa Norris. One of the only moments she wasn't crying while he held her. He's wearing her down.
 A rare moment where they are playing and getting along.
Summer Movies started. Kids loved it!

And Jaxon loves doing this. He'd do it all day if I let him.

Friday, October 17, 2014


April was a good month. We had Naomi's birthday party. We played a lot. Sadly I don't remember all that we did. This is why I am trying to get quickly caught up so that I don't forget.

 Naomi had a Frozen themed party with all her school friends and church friends. This was the Olaf cupcake cake I made. Naomi loved it, she had such a fun party.
 My Grandma Taylor was able to come to the party. Naomi was so happy to she could come.
 This is Jaxon's curly hair after bathtime. I love it, which is why I have a hard time cutting it.
 After bath time photo session. Jaxon loves getting his picture taken and he loves making silly faces. So here are all the silly faces he makes.

 Naomi was ready to join the fun.
 We love bath time!
 Jaxon was helping me make chocolate muffins, and he loved licking the mixing tools. He even tried to take a spoon to the batter.
 Marley at 5 months got her first taste of baby food, and she loved it!
 Jaxon loves playing with potato heads. He made daddy, me and himself.
 Jaxon always asks to hold Marley and she doesn't mind.
 Jaxon don't take no crap off of nobody! Haha, can you name the movie?
 My happy baby!
She loves going for walks in the jogging stroller! Always so happy!


March was a fun month. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, Naomi turned 7, Naomi had her running club track meet, Marley experienced the zoo for the first time, and played lots.

Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures from this month. But I'll show you what I have.

 Here is my big girl right after she finished her race. She raced against all first grade girls in her school district. She ran the entire time, I think about 3/4 mile, and she finished in the middle. We are so proud of her. She is already talking about joining running club again.
 Here she is hanging with her buddy from school. They were showing off their cool shirts our friend made. Also that day was crazy hair day at school, so Naomi's hair was a bit crazy.
 Here is Marley, 4 months old, enjoying her first trip to the zoo.
 Jaxon was making friends with the orangutan. Jaxon also almost gave me two heart attacks. First he climbed under a fence and was nearing the half wall of the rhinoceros exhibit. I was running with the stroller to catch him. Then he climbed under a rope that luckily was only blocking plant life. A nice man who was there with his family saw me trying to chase him down and he jumped the rope and corralled him out. I was very grateful for his help and the man scared Jaxon enough that he didn't try anything like that again. All I know is we will not be going back to the zoo until Jaxon is bigger,
 Here are Naomi, my Jaxon, and our friend Jaxon Oberly sitting on the komodo dragon statue. My Jaxon and Naomi were roaring like a dragon.
 Here are the kids at the end of our hot zoo trip (from left to right: My Jaxon, Troy Oberly, Naomi, Molly Oberly, and Jaxon Oberly). My friend Emily and I survived the zoo.
Not sure why this picture is sideways. This is how our days are spent, Jaxon likes to hang out with Marley on the floor.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


February was better then January, only because everyone was healthy. Here are the pictures I have from this month, sadly I didn't have as many as I thought, but it's enough.

 This girl turned 3 months. She is such a happy baby!
 Having a play date with her BFC (best friend cousin) Lyla. (Lyla is on the left, Marley is on the right)
 Jaxon got his first helmet. He wore it for days.
 Happy Valentine's Day!
 The weather was nice enough, so we went swimming with cousins at Papa Buzz's pool. That's why we love AZ, you can swim in February.
 Just a cute picture of Marley.
And Jaxon being Jaxon.


January a crazy month. 

 This girl turned 2 months. Love her squishy cheeks and thighs.
Enjoyed some scrapbooking with her Aunt Sondra.

Enjoyed the Mesa, Temple open house with Cory's Dad. It is so beautiful and it was so fun walking through with Naomi. She "oohed" and "ahhed" over everything, especially the chandeliers.

Got sick with a stomach bug. Poor Jaxon it was so sad. Cory and I got it twice. Luckily Marley and Naomi were fine.

 Watched Naomi play soccer. I guess the only pictures I got of her was while she played goalie. She made some really good stops.

And we had a visit from the tooth fairy. Naomi pulled out her tooth all by herself.

January was fun at times and rough at times, but we made it through.