Monday, February 22, 2010

I Love Arizona

This last week was a pretty warm week, during the day we got into the 70's. So Friday Naomi and I decided to go swimming. Our heated pool was perfect with the good weather and it wasn't too hot to enjoy the jacuzzi either.

This is why I love Arizona, because you can go swimming in February.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Disney Cruise, Day 4

Wednesday (Day 4) was our day at sea. (Sadly I took very few pictures this day.) We woke up a little later and enjoyed a more relaxing day.

Before breakfast we took a picture with Mickey.

After breakfast we walked around the ship for a little bit. Then sat by Goofy's pool and watched Finding Nemo from the Ariel View Television. We sat there and waited until Captain Hook to the gazebo by the pool so we could get his autograph and our pictures taken with him, too bad we didn't pull out our camera. After seeing Captain Hook, we swam in Mickey's Pool. Naomi and Zoey had a lot of fun. After swimming, we got changed so we could eat lunch. They had a sushi bar in Parrot Cay, since sushi is Cory's favorite that is where we ate. They had other foods too so Naomi and I didn't go hungry. After lunch, we took Naomi back to the room for a nap (the only one she took the whole cruise).

Since Naomi hadn't waken up from her nap yet (she had already been asleep for 1 hour) Papa came to our stateroom to watch Naomi, so we could go see the movie Old Dogs. It was very funny! And it was nice to have some time without Naomi. When we got back to our room, Naomi was still sleeping. Papa was a little bummed because he wanted to play with Naomi.

Well Naomi woke up shortly after we got back, so we got ready and headed to our last dinner on the cruise.

We ate in Triton's and they were serving French food. The appetizer I ordered that night was escargot (snail). When I was in 7th grade, my French class went to a French restaurant and I tried snail then, so I thought since it had been so long I would try it again. As awful as it sounds, the escargot wasn't that bad, but I don't think I'll order ever again.

Our servers folded Naomi's menu into a flower.

Here are our waiters in their Triton server clothes.

It was Gene's birthday, and this is the cake the brought him.

After dinner, we went the the John Cassidy show. He's a comedian and he was doing a family show. He was really funny and his whole show revolved around him making different balloon shapes.

After his show we went and saw Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic. It was awesome. Another musical show that featured a couple songs from 5 different disney movies. They had two songs from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Cinderella. It really was incredible and Naomi loved it. After wards part of the cast was out to sign autographs and take pictures.

Here we are with Peter Pan and AnnMarie.

This is the lady who sang The Circle of Life.

Naomi got to take a picture with Princess Tiana again.
Here with Stitch are Daddy, Naomi, Jessy, Riley, Aunt Sondra, and Cody.

After seeing all the characters we got spots by the top of the stairs above the lobby so we could watch the Til We Meet Again show. Here are some pictures from it.

After the show Naomi was collecting the Mickey Mouse confetti that came falling from the ceiling during the show.

After the show we headed back to our room and this pig was our last towel animal of the cruise. Naomi thought he was so cute.

We got ready for bed and fell asleep to classic Disney cartoons. It was a very magical evening!

Disney Cruise, Day 3

Tuesday (Day 3) we arrived at Castaway Cay. We woke up early so we could get ready, eat breakfast and head to the beach. This was our view while we ate breakfast at Beach Blanket Restaurant on the ship.

You could see the whole island from the boat. It was beautiful and the weather was great!

This is the Flying Dutchman.

Naomi and Daddy making sand castles. Naomi was loving it!

Naomi loved playing in the ocean. The water was a little chilly but we got used to it.

While playing in the water we saw Captain Jack Sparrow walking the beach, so we went and took pictures with him.

At lunchtime, we got our food from Pop's Props. The food was yummy.

After Naomi finished eating she wanted to sit with Papa. So Papa had a full lap holding Naomi and Zoey.
While Naomi waited for Cory and me to finish our lunch, Naomi decided to make smiley faces in the sand.
After lunch, we headed back to the beach to play in the sand and the water. We got in the tubes we rented and let Cory pull us around. Naomi and I shared a tube; Debra and Zoey shared a tube; and Jessy and Riley shared a tube. Eric, Cody, and Stewart (Eric's brother-in-law) were playing catch with the football Cody brought, but they took a break to act like sea monsters. Naomi didn't like that so much.

After tubing for a while. We decided go try the paddle boats. Well, Naomi, Zoey, and Caleb were too young so Debra and I took them back so Cory and Gene could take Riley and Jessy. But Gene ended up coming with us so Cody could ride on the paddle boats too. Sondra watched Zoey and Naomi so Debra and I could go do the paddle boats. Instead, we rode on the water trikes. It was fun and tough.

After spending the day at the beach, we sadly headed back to the boat. We headed back around 4 because everyone needed to be on the boat by 5.

Once back on the boat, we got all cleaned up and ready for our Pirate Night dinner. Before we were seated we took pictures with Pirate Mickey. If you can't tell Naomi is in her pirate costume, but she refused to wear the pirate hat.

Dinner was at Parrot Cay again and the food was yummy. Here are our servers in their pirate getup.

After dinner, we went and saw the movie Princess and the Frog. Naomi loves this movie so she was so excited to see it again.

After the movie, Naomi was exhausted so we headed back to our room to put her to bed. This was what our stateroom host left us. Naomi loved the monkey.

They had a pirate party later that night, but we were too tired to go, so we fell asleep to a movie in our stateroom.

It was an awesome day! We wished we could have had another day at Castaway Cay.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Disney Cruise, Day 2

Monday (Day 2) we arrived in Nassau, Bahamas.

First thing in the morning we went to the princess gathering, this means that four princesses would be out to sign autographs and take pictures. Naomi wore her Snow White dress and was so excited to meet the princesses, but she was a little nervous so she made sure to bring her cousin's stuffed cow along with her. First we met Snow White, which Naomi loved that they were wearing the same dress.

Then she met Belle, too bad I didn't bring that dress too.

Then she met Princess Tiana, whom she referred to as "Princess the Frog."

And last she met Cinderella, which I think is her favorite princess movie to watch.

Then we met up with Nicole, Gene, and Caleb for a yummy breakfast in Triton restaurant. After breakfast, Naomi and Caleb met Goofy.

Then we met Lilo and Stitch.

And then we met Daisy (cousin Jessy and cousin Riley joined us in the picture).

After meeting all the characters, we got ready and set out with Debra and Zoey to explore the Bahamas.

We walked around the nearby shops for about an hour and decided to head back to the ship and swim since we weren't close enough to any beach.

Starting from top left: Naomi giving Zoey hugs, a sign I thought was cool, a license plate that had Naomi's name, Naomi with some fake pirate friends, and our huge boat

After about an hour we headed back to the ship to get lunch and swim in the pool.

Naomi and Zoey playing around while we were heading to lunch.

For dinner, we dropped off Naomi in the Oceaneer's Club where they fed her dinner and then had story time with Belle. Once that was over she was ready to be with us again, which meant we were able to enjoy half of our dinner without her. We ate dinner in Parrot Cay and here are the shirts our waiters wore for the night.

After dinner the show we got to see was Toy Story The Musical. It was awesome, they did a really good job. Naomi loved it.

Then we took pictures with Mickey and Minnie and Donald and Daisy.

After that, we headed back to our room to put Naomi down for the night. And this is what our Stateroom Host left us.

We had such a fun day! Well that's the end of Day 2. Coming up, Day 3 on Castaway Cay (pronounced "key")