Saturday, November 2, 2013

September and October

So I figure I should quickly do a catch up post since this baby is about to come. So here goes.


September was a fun and pretty low key month. Naomi was busy with gymnastics.

Jaxon was busy being Jaxon.

I even caught a wonderful sibling moment. Naomi was brushing her teeth for school when all of a sudden I hear her clearly singing the ABC's song (normally all I hear is her humming it a few times because that is how we make sure she brushes long enough). Anyway, I then think "well where is Jaxon," so I run into the bathroom to find this.
Now Jaxon usually fights me on brushing his teeth but he willingly allowed Naomi to help him. It was so cute.

We got to meet my new niece Lyla. She is such a cutie.

And we had a fun family date night of mini golfing. We had free tickets that we got from the library summer reading program. Best family date night!


October was a fun month. Naomi had 2 weeks off of school for fall break. We spent a lot of time at the park and Naomi had lots of play dates with friends. I had wanted to go to some museums or go places we'd never been to yet, but when you're 8 months pregnant and still having bouts of morning sickness you let all that go and just enjoy moments at home or near home.

 Playing outside
Going Halloween costume shopping

At the end of her fall break we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends. The kids had so much fun!

I went to my cousin's baby shower and since I was one of three pregnant ladies (the other two were my cousins) we had our bellies painted. It was funny. Thanks to my cousin Alicia, I got to hold the whole world in my hands.

Naomi also got a haircut. She looks so dang cute and let me just say combing her hair is a much more pleasant experience.

Papa Buzz came to town, so we got to go to lunch with him.

Naomi's school had a fall festival with bounce houses, games, activities and face painting. The kids had so much fun!

They were both working on an art project after getting their faces painted. Jaxon was too busy for a picture. Naomi wanted her face painted like a cat and Jaxon got a football on his cheek and black lines under his eyes like a football player.

These are just a couple funny pictures of Jaxon while we were running errands.

Cory and I went to an adult Halloween party. It was so much fun! And we had fun dressing up too!
Sorry this is the best picture I have. But if you're not sure who we are, just think Juno.

And here are my cute little superheroes.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I am going to be having this baby real soon. So don't forget to vote on what you think I'm having. Boy or girl, we'll soon find out!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catch Up

I know I haven't been good about blogging but that is what happens when I'm pregnant and have morning sickness and mom of 2 kids. Anyway I'm almost caught up. So here are some quick links to posts about the last few months.


Pregnancy Update:
So I only have 6 weeks left. Crazy!! We're so excited to meet Baby C! We're so excited to see if Baby C is a boy or girl. Naomi really wants a sister and I'm sure if Jaxon knew what was happening he would want a brother. As for Cory and me we'd be happy either way.


August was a more low key month compared to June and July. But we did have lots of fun. Here are some random pictures from August.

 Cute cakes and diaper cakes that were made for my sister-in-law Amy and my baby shower open house

 Jaxon testing out his new big boy bed

 Naomi and Jaxon wearing masks they got at Cory's co-worker's son's birthday party
 Meeting Ironman, Ironman wanted to shake Jaxon's hand when he first met him but instead Jaxon punched his leg
 Yep that fork is up Jaxon's nose
Naomi had to do it too since Jaxon was doing it

Just some of the crazy pictures we captured in August.


Well July was a fun and busy month. We started off the month with a week long trip to Colorado to spend time with Cory's family.

We had so much fun in Colorado. The kids played outside a ton (something we can't do during the summer in AZ) and got to play with cousins. Papa Buzz took them on the four wheeler. The played in a kiddie pool. Naomi even lost her second tooth while eating a cookie. We got to spend time with Cory's grandma, and play some canasta.

On the 4th we went up to Durango to hang out. We stopped at Honeyville to get some amazing honey. We got this honey caramel sauce, it was so declicious. We also spent time up at Durango Mountain Resort. We had so much fun. Naomi did the Alpine Slide with her cousins and we took Jaxon and Naomi to mini golf. Jaxon was too small for the alpine slide but he enjoyed sitting in the test car. That night we enjoyed watching fireworks from Papa Buzz's driveway.

 The kids with Aunt Sondra showing off their 4th of July shirts

One of the days Aunt Sondra and her girls took Naomi and her bestie cousin Zoey to the Delores River. They had so much fun. The last time Naomi went to the Delores River she was 6 months old.

We were lucky to do a session at the Monticello Temple. Cory's nephew went through for the first time. We were lucky to be apart of that.

On our last day Cory and all the boys of the family helped Cory's sister move. And then that night while in Durango we went up to the Bar D Chuckwagon for dinner. We walked around the shops and rode the little train around and then ate some yummy food. They do a show after the dinner, but the kids were too tired from all the excitement of the week that we went home right after we ate.

It was a super fun week in Colorado. We were sad to leave.

The rest of July was spent just hanging out and swimming at the pool. We even dressed up like cows to get free meals at Chic-fil-a.

 Then we it was time for school to start. It was crazy that school was already here and that Naomi was starting 1st grade and going to be gone all day. My baby is growing up, and yes I cried a little.

Then on the second day of school my other baby, Jaxon, turned 2. We had a Golf-themed birthday party for him. He had so much fun.

July was a good month.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


So I know June was a long time ago but I finally have the energy to sit down and get caught up. So here goes.

June was a fun month for us. Naomi took swim lessons from a friend in our ward, and she did awesome. She became a little fishy. Jaxon didn't take swim lessons but he did get to play in the pool while Naomi was in class. Here is a video of Naomi swimming across the pool and then back.

I don't have a ton of pictures from June, but we spent a lot of time at the pool (or laying around the house on days where the morning sickness was rough).

So at the end of June Cory and I took a trip without the kids. Cory had been planning this trip since Mother's Day. And he kept the destination a complete secret. The kids spent a couple days with his twin's family and a couple days with his older sister. So I finally found out where we were going once we were on the road. He planned a trip for us to San Diego. I was shocked and so excited. We stayed in La Jolla, not far from the San Diego Temple. Our first day we went and toured the USS Midway. It was a really cool tour and it was neat seeing all the airplanes. Even Madden was there to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a football game on the ship. We got to see the field and everyone getting things ready. 

Afterwards we went to Hodad's where we enjoyed a super yummy lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day scoping out beaches for our beach day. We fell in love with Coronado Island. We walked around the Hotel Del Coronado Beach, checked out Silver Strand State Beach, and tried to find Imperial Beach but got distracted by this crazy car.

Then we decided to check out La Jolla Cove. It was stinky because of all the seals, but it was cool to see all the seals.

Then we discovered Sprinkles Cupcakes, which became our favorite cupcake place. We knew we had to check it out because we love watching the show Cupcake Wars and one of the judges started Sprinkles. We tried 4 different flavors and my favorite that night was the banana cupcake.

The next day we decided to spend our beach day at Silver Strand Beach. It was beautiful and so relaxing. We played in the water, ate a picnic lunch, read a book, and napped. It was so nice. Poor Cory got a really bad sunburn. We put on sunscreen but forgot to re-apply. That night we got some more Sprinkles cupcakes of course 4 more flavors.

For our last full day in San Diego we did a session at the San Diego Temple. And that temple is just as beautiful on the inside as it is the out. For lunch we went to a delicious BBQ place for lunch called Phil's BBQ. Then we hung around Coronado Island again till dinner time. For dinner we tried Lucha Libre Taco Shop. The food was good but I felt like the place was more for the experience. And then of course we got some more Sprinkles cupcakes.

The next day was our long drive to Colorado to meet up with the kids and Cory's family. We weren't exactly looking forward to the drive, but we were missing the kids like crazy. We had so much fun in San Diego, we can't wait till we can go back.

June was a fun month.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


About a week ago or so we had our Ultrasound. We left Jaxon at home and let Naomi come along. She was so excited to see the baby that she talked the entire car ride. Naomi was so cute, right before the tech started, Naomi asked me if I wanted to hold her hand. So of course I did. She held my hand the entire time and I looked over at her to see that she was also holding Cory's hand also. It was so sweet.

Well Baby C (that is the what we're calling the baby till the baby is born) was quite the mover. Baby C was rolling all around, kept turning his/her back to us, then would look straight up at us, then curl into a ball and roll on his/her side. Did that the whole time. And Baby C's hand kept waving around and sometimes it looked like Baby C was itching his/her nose.

We're excited for this little miracle to join our family!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

March, April, May, and Now

I know I'm the worst at posting, but this time I have a good reason. And I'll get to that reason in a little bit.

So here is a catch up for what we've been up to the last few months.


The beginning of March we celebrated our 7 year anniversary by running a half marathon.

It was really fun and I enjoyed the training and the race and would totally do it again. It was fun running the entire time with my amazing husband. My dad flew out for the weekend to hang out with us and run the race too. He stayed with us until mile 9 and then he ran ahead. Sadly I got sick during the race, so I didn't run as well as I had hoped but I was still proud of what we accomplished.

At the end of the month was Naomi's 6th birthday. Can't believe how big she's getting. We didn't have a big party this year, just a little one with some family. A couple weeks before her birthday, we went to the zoo aunts and cousins and Papa Buzz. Naomi got to ride the camels with her cousin Zoey and Papa Buzz took Jaxon and cousin Brennan to feed the giraffes. Jaxon loved it. Naomi got to hang out lots with cousin Zoey. For her party we went to a park not far from our house and played with a few cousins, ate pizza and cake, and opened presents. Naomi's actual birthday fell on the Saturday before Easter, so for her day we went and did an Easter egg hunt with my Sis-in-law's family and ate a yummy brunch. And then for dinner got Naomi's favorite food: orange chicken from Panda Express. She was a very happy girl.

(Can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up)

(Jaxon feeding the Giraffes with Papa Buzz, Aunt Amy, and cousin Brennan)

(Naomi opening one of her birthday presents, cousin Carson pictured with her)

(Waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin)\

(Jaxon filling his bag with eggs, I think he threw more eggs then he picked up)    
(Naomi enjoying the hunt)

In school, Naomi was chosen to be March student of the month. I'm very proud of this girl.



April was a busy month. Naomi played T-ball and I got to coach her team. It was a lot of fun. She did such a good job. This season she was in the older division so she was introduced to coach's pitch. So by the end of the season she was hitting the ball off of a live pitch. I was a proud Mama.

We also stayed busy helping out my niece, Maddy, with a school project. She sent us her Mailing May, which meant we got to show this paper doll around town. So we went to the zoo, the library, the Olive Mill, Naomi's school, and to Yogurt Jungle (our fave frozen yogurt place). We also brought her along to a T-ball game and to swim lessons.

Since we live in AZ, it is very important that our kids learn to swim so we did a session of swim lessons at Aquatots. Naomi did awesome she swam across the pool like a little fishy. She started learning freestyle and back stroke. Jaxon and I did a mommy and me class. He hated it, cried just about the whole time. But finally in the last class he was happy and laughing and fully participating in all the things the teacher wanted them to do. So it ended up being a success.

 (Swimming across the pool)

At school, one of the days was Disney dress up day. Naomi loves the movie Alice in Wonderland. So she dressed up as Alice. She was the cutest Alice ever.

(My cute little Alice)


In the beginning of May, Naomi was awarded March Star Student by the town of Queen Creek. Her principal chose her and she went to a special ceremony where a select number of students from the Queen Creek Schools went and received awards and took a picture with the Mayor. Her teacher even came to support her. I am so proud of my Naomi.

 (Naomi with our town Mayor)

(Naomi with her teacher Mrs. Morgan)

The school year also ended this month, which means Naomi is considered a 1st grader. Well her school didn't have a kindergarten graduation but they had a kindergarten celebration. All the kindergarten classes did a presentation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Naomi even had a speaking part. It was so cute. They all did such a good job. They presented the kids with a certificate of promotion.

 (Naomi saying her line)

 (With her certificate)


And we're now to the present. We've been enjoying summer vacation. And we've been swimming a lot. And Naomi is taking 1 more session of swim lessons. She is doing awesome, I don't have pictures, but I'll get some.

And I guess you deserve a reason for why I've been so bad at posting. Well you see these 2 kids.

Love them so much. And they are so be getting a new brother or sister. Yep that means I'm pregnant! We are all so excited, but with pregnancy comes the morning sickness. And yes I get pretty sick. So that I is why I haven't posted. I'll try and be better, but I can't promise anything. And to make things fun, we are NOT finding out the gender. So we will all find out around the beginning of November.

Our First Family Picture of the Five of Us :)