Monday, November 14, 2011

Just to let you know...

Jaxon rolled over yesterday (Sunday November 13, 2011) from stomach to back! We were doing tummy time and all of a sudden he rolled over. I went to get my camera but he wouldn't do it again. Next time I will have my camera on hand.

I just wanted to document this before I forgot. Sorry no pictures, coming soon.

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know I may be a little late, but at least I am getting to this before Thanksgiving.

We had a fun Halloween. Started with a preschool party at our house the Thursday before Halloween.

The Friday before Halloween was our ward Halloween party. There was good chili, good treats, and some fun trunk or treating. We dressed up our truck as Mater for the trunk or treat, we even had Mater quotes playing. Our Mater truck got us 3rd place. Naomi had lots of fun, especially with her friends Caleb and Novely. Jaxon slept during most of it.

Papa Buzz came down for the weekend. So we hung out with Cory's family a lot. Sunday night before Halloween we ate Navajo Tacos and Aunt Sondra's and carved pumpkins.

Halloween day was full of fun and full of surprises. We headed to Aunt Sondra's to go to their block party. Before we could leave Jaxon had a mini blowout, luckily it was before I put on his costume and luckily I got a picture in his "First Halloween" onesie. We got all ready; Naomi was a mermaid, Jaxon was Squirt from Finding Nemo, I was Wenda from Where's Waldo, and Aunt Sondra and Riley were Alice and the Mad Hatter. We had fun at the block party. It was really warm so I took off Jaxon's costume not long after we arrived. Naomi got to play lots of games and she did pretty good. We ate hot dogs and chili and ate some super yummy dessert. Jaxon had been hanging out in his stroller so I decided to pick him up only to find that he had exploded out the sides and front and back. I went to one of the neighbors house and cleaned him up. I think he was in the last outfit I had for him. After the block party we went back to Aunt Sondra's passed out some candy then Naomi went trick or treating. Daddy, aka Where's Waldo, joined up with Naomi while she was out with Uncle Eric, Naomi's cousins and her friend Caleb Cope and his dad.

We had a fun Halloween with family and friends!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Update

So I was going to post about Halloween but I am too tired. So here is a video, a picture, and some quotes to get you through until I post about Halloween.

Jaxon is giggling with Aunt Sondra. It was so funny. (Ignore Cory in the background, he didn't know he was in the shot)

Jaxon just hanging out in his car seat.

Naomi has been saying some of the funniest and most random things lately. We were driving back to Aunt Sondra's house after having lunch with Aunt Sondra and Papa Buzz when Naomi starts telling Daddy to hurry up.

Naomi: Daddy you got to beat them.
Cory: (as we pass them) We're ahead of them now.
Naomi: Oh good you got to win so I can give you this invisible trophy.
Me: (now we're being passed) Oh no Sondra is passing us, will you give her the trophy if she wins?
Naomi: No.

Didn't really know what to say after that.

Today my friend challenged me to a race, but I was on foot pushing the stroller with Naomi and Jaxon in it and she was in her car. So I declined, but this is what Naomi had to say, "Mom, you can beat her. I won't let you down." I just laughed.

Naomi's new tagline is "Oh come on." She says it when Jaxon poops or spits up, if she drops something or spills something. It's really cute and funny. Cory and I were trying to figure out where she got it from, don't tell Cory but I secretly heard him say it. I'm not pointing any fingers.

So that should do until next time.