Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9 Months, Soccer, Dance and Easter

Can you believe it, my baby is 9 months old. He's getting so big and so mobile and he's into everything.

 Here are his stats:
Wt-20lbs 8oz (50th)
Ht-28.25 in (50th)
Head-18.25 in (didn't say, guessing 50th)

This is what Jaxon is doing and loving at 9 months:
  • Climbs the stairs (mostly by himself)
  • Army crawls everywhere
  • Favorite game is to see what's in the bucket and pull it out (as soon as he dumps it I fill it back up and the game starts all over)
  • Loves getting high fives from his big sister
  • Thinks Naomi is the funniest person on Earth (who doesn't?!)
  • Loves food, especially real people food
  • When I say "Go get Naomi" he will army crawl after her
  • Loves the stairs (oh I think I mentioned that)
  • Love Love Loves the pool
  • Loves bath time with big sister
  • Loves opening the bottom stove drawer
  • Loves it when I open the pantry drawer or the fridge
  • Loves to scream (high pitched & loud)
  • Pulls himself up to stand (found him standing in his crib, uh oh)
We sure love our monkey.

Naomi started soccer last month and she is loving it. Their team name is the Yellow Giraffes. She is the only girl on her team and the best dribbler. Here she is at the end of her practice.

Here she is during her game.

And here is a little video.

Naomi is still in dance and loving it. They are getting ready for the end of the year recital this month. I couldn't get any good pictures, so here is a sneak peak video.

Sadly my camera wasn't working very well so these are the only pictures I got of the kids on Easter.

The kids got some fun water toys from the Easter bunny. We did a little Easter egg hunt in our house before church. I sadly don't have any pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits, but I'll get one soon. The day before Easter we did an egg hunt at Cory's brother's in-law's. Those pictures are on Cory's phone.

But we've been having lots of fun. Hopefully the next post will be sooner then later.

Oh and I did a guest post on my friends site last month. Check it out at Fun On a Dime.