Sunday, February 24, 2013

Catch Up

Life has been crazy busy. I finally made the time to get caught up, which took a lot of time since I haven't posted since October. So check out my last 5 posts and then you'll be up to date on my happenings.

If you want to skip around just click on a month and they are linked to a post:
January Pt2

Now that I'm all caught up, hopefully I can stay caught up.

A Month Full of Love

February has been another busy month. Will there ever be a non-busy month? Guess not.

A week before Valentine's this is what I got to watch all the way home from the bus stop. They were so cute! You can tell they love each other.

To get ready for Valentines day we made some valentines and made some pink muffins to eat on Valentine's Day!

(I knew Jaxon wouldn't eat pink muffins so I made him some without the food coloring)

We decided we'd try not to get the kids too much candy for Valentine's Day so the woke up to little presents at the table. We got Naomi some valentine's socks (which she loved) and Jaxon got a toy school bus which I found at the dollar store. And they both got bubbles, you can never go wrong with bubbles. Daddy also got them valentine stickers which he brought home after work.

 (Here is Jaxon in the Robot valentine shirt I made him.)

 (And here is Naomi in her valentine shirt.)

Jaxon and I got to go help in Naomi's class for her Valentine party. Jaxon had so much fun and Naomi loved that we could come. I brought my camera but left it in the car. So sadly I have no pictures.

For Valentine's Day Cory and I didn't go out, we stayed in. We decided to do meaningful gifts. Cory got me 100 grand candy bars, which are my favorite and for my birthday when we first started dating he got me my own bag of them. And he also got me twizzlers, which are my most favorite candy. For Cory I gave him some reese pieces candy and a journal for us to write memories in. On the first page was a Clue #1 for a cheesy Love Scavenger Hunt. He had 5 clues and before he could receive the next clue he would have to perform a task. A couple of the tasks were tell each other our favorite memory and quality, another one was dance to a couple songs and another was watch funny Youtube videos. We had fun, even if it was a little cheesy.

The next morning I told Jaxon to go sit in his seat for breakfast, but instead of getting in his booster he sat at the table. He is so big.

The next Sunday, after dinner, we did bubbles in the backyard while Jaxon practiced his chip shot. Naomi even sang some opera for us.

What a good month it has been. I love my family. I love my kids so much.

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January Pt2 - 18 Months, Craziness, and Crafts

Can't believe my boy is 18 months. He's getting so big. And now he's in NURSERY!

Jaxon is now folding his arms all by himself for prayers. Some days he'll want us to say 3-4 prayers before we can eat. It is so sweet. Sometimes he even bows his head.

I don't know if you know but my kids have crazy energy. They like to run, in Jaxon's case run into you, and climb all over you. Many evenings this is what play time with Daddy looks like.

I also made a wreath during Jaxon's naptime. It took a few days, but I finished it. I say it took a few days, but in reality I have had the supplies for a couple months now.

Happy New Year's!

January had a rough start. We were going to celebrate the New Year with my cousin and her family, but we all get really sick. So we spent New Year's at home. Since I wanted it to be fun for the kids without keeping them up too late, we decided we'd celebrate the New Year with Greenland which was around 6pm. Before the countdown started we wrote down a few memories from the past year and a couple goals for the new year. We used our left over pop its, party poppers, and sparklers from July. The kids loved it until the sparkler got stuck in Jaxon's coat sleeve then he was done. But he still loved the party poppers.

( Sorry it's blurry)
(Sorry not clear)
(Jaxon getting a new year kiss from Mommy)

New Year's morning was spent following our tradition (which stems from my childhood) which is a waffle breakfast with strawberries and ice cream. One word: Yummy.

One of our goals for the year is be healthier and more active. My big goal for the year is for 2013 to be the "Best Year." Last year was a good year with some ups and downs, with triumphs and trials. I struggled with having a good attitude and being hard on myself. So this year is going to be the best, which means better then last year. I will find ways to the best mom, the best wife, and the best me. We'll see how it goes.

December-A Month Full of Fun

December was a fun and busy month. The first FHE of the month we decorated our Christmas Tree.

We put Jaxon to bed before we put the tree up because we knew it would be easier. I love Jaxon so much, but he would have made decorating the tree very hard. A few days later he decided to bang a couple shatterproof ornaments together, and he proved that shatterproof ornaments can shatter. Luckily they don't shatter into little pieces.

In order to get Christmas cards done I needed to take some updated pictures of the kids. I got a few good ones out of them.

Here is our Christmas card. Sadly I did not get them out to everyone. Maybe next year will be better.

Naomi had her dance recital this month. She did such a good job. We were very proud of her. I think she was most excited for the flowers she would get from us afterwards.

Here are a couple videos from her performance.

One weekend we went to the Temple Lights at the Mesa Temple. The kids loved it.

We went to a family Christmas party and Santa came.

Some of Cory's family came to town to celebrate Christmas. We had a lot of fun playing with cousins, making Gingerbread houses, and decorating ice cream cone Christmas trees and cookies.

Christmas we opened our Pajama presents and wrote Santa a letter. While the kids were nestled all snug in there bed Santa built some toys and loaded our stockings and left many presents under the tree. That morning the kids woke up and were so excited to see what Santa left.

Naomi loved everything she got. And Jaxon loved his truck so much that it was hard to get him to open any other present.

For lunch we went over to Cory's Dad's house. Naomi had fun playing with her cousins and her cousin's new puppy named Paws. Naomi kept saying she got a new puppy cousin.

That night we went to Cory's mom's house for dinner and to open more presents. Naomi and her cousin wanted to show off their new socks from grandma Sharon.

What a wonderful month we had spending time with family and remember our Savior.

November Fun

At the beginning of November, Naomi's school had a fall carnival. The kids had fun playing games, playing on the playground, eating hotdogs, and walking around/touring the fire truck. Jaxon spent 10 minutes walking around it and stopping to look at all the tools on board.

For Thanksgiving, we took a trip to Colorado to spend time with Cory's family. Naomi and Jaxon had so much fun playing with their cousins and loved roaming around and playing outside in Grandpa Buzz's open yard. We spent a lot of time with Cory's Grandma, she looks really good for being 96. We even went on a fun hike. It was a joint effort by all the Crowley sisters and sister-in-laws to make Thanksgiving dinner possible. The food was delicious, sadly I have no pictures to show. Just believe me that it was good and there was lots of food.

 (Pictures with Cory's grandma)
(Pictures from the hike)

I even made a Christmas decoration at a make and take craft day put on by some friends.

It was a fun month full of Thanks!