Monday, July 27, 2009

My Super Ballerina Princess

Naomi is getting into dress up. Lately when she plays with her cousins, Jessy and Riley, they dress her up in a princess skirt and crown. So now at home she wants to dress up. I don't really have a lot of dress up clothes for her, but she is...creative in what she chooses for her outfit.

The Hair-do

Naomi isn't too cooperative when it comes to doing her hair. Let's just say there is chasing, bribery, and whining involved. But she let me put her hair in cute pigtails the other day and they lasted almost the whole day.

My Little Star

Naomi has this microphone that plays part of a Hannah Montana song and she loves to pretend she's singing along. She runs around mumbling the words and dancing to the music.

Catch Up

Since I'm a little behind on my blog, I'm finally going to bring you up to date on what's been going on with us lately.

Well on the 27th of June we moved into our own apartment in Queen Creek. We love it. As soon as we're done getting pictures up and I feel like everything is how I want it I'll post some pictures. But until then let your imaginations run wild.

Cory works partly from home, but he stills goes to the office. For those of you who don't know, Cory is a web developer. Since moving his commute is a little longer, but soon they will be moving there office closer to where we live.

Naomi and I are adjusting to our new home, the HOT weather, and the terrible twos. Luckily our complex has a pool, so we go almost everyday. Naomi isn't too terrible but her energy level has skyrocketed.

Here are some pictures of our zoo trip on the 15th of July. We went with Nicole, Caleb, and Jill and her granddaughters. The kids had lots of fun together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Trip to Utah

On June 29, Naomi and I flew to Utah to visit my family, without Cory. (Cory couldn't take off work, but we wanted to see my family so we left him home.) We flew back home to Arizona on July 9. So it was quite a long trip and we missed Cory terribly but we had a lot of fun. Jen, Ryan, and kids were there so Naomi had some good quality cousin time. (This will post will be a little long since we did a lot of things, but there will be lots of pictures. Also, since I put off writing this post some events are left out and some days are skipped because I either forgot about the events and/or I didn't take any pictures on those days.)

June 29:
Our flight left at 8:30 so we had to leave our house at 5:45. There were no lines so we got right through to our gate with an hour left until departure. Naomi was a trooper and made friends at the airport. Our first flight was to Denver and Naomi slept the whole flight. Then as soon as we got to Denver we hurried to catch our flight to Salt Lake. Naomi was awake but she did really good. We sat next to this really nice lady who was going to visit her grandkids, so Naomi called her grandma the whole time.

(Naomi enjoying a snack on the second flight)

As soon as we got to my parents, I put Naomi in her swim suit so she could swim with Brinley and Maddie. Then for FHE we went to an Orem Owlz baseball game. It was fun. The kids ate, cheered, played with stickers, and met Hoot the Owl.

(Top Right:Maddie, Naomi, and Brinley; Bottom Left: Naomi, Grandma, and Elise)

We left at the end of the 7th inning to go visit Aunt Hope and Uncle Brett.

(Hope is the only one looking cuz everyone is watching Madagascar 2)

June 30:
In the morning we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open house. The kids did well. They loved the flowers outside and had fun walking around the flowers, until Maddie pushed Elise down and then Naomi fell bringing Brinley down with her. With three crying kids, we knew it was time to go.

After nap time we went to the Thanksgiving Point Farm to see the animals.

We saw a lot of animals. We even saw some turtles and Brinley named one of them Carlos. Then the girls got to ride ponies two times.

July 3: I know I skipped two days; I know we saw Gichin, Abby, and Haddie but I can't remember what day; but those days were fun, whatever we did:)
In the morning we went and visited Great Grandma and Great Papa Thomsen. The kids had fun playing with the old toys they had. Naomi and Elise became good buddies playing in the mud room/laundry area together. They did a craft with Great Grandma and then we ate some lunch.

Before bed that night we said our goodbyes to Jen, Ryan, and kids since they were leaving early in the morning to drive back to California. After the kids fell asleep Jen and I had a bow making/letter decorating party. And this is our work:

July 4:
When Naomi woke up she was really concerned about her cousins and walked up the stairs yelling, "cousins where are you?" It was so cute and sad. That night Naomi and I went to a BYU Men's soccer game to meet up with my friend Danielle Sargent. We got to catch up and she told me all about her wedding plans. Naomi had fun cheering. It was a good game, especially since BYU won.

July 6:
Early in the morning I went running with my dad, he smoked me. We visited our good friends, the Macdonalds. Naomi had fun playing with Emma and Ethan and it was good to catch up with Jessica. We also visited Kelly, Joey, Faith, and Kira later in the afternoon.

July 7:
Early in the morning I got to personal train my dad, it made me miss my old job. We went and played with Kelly, Faith, and Kira in the morning. We played with toys, watched a movie, went for a walk, went to the grocery store, and ate lunch. We had lots of fun.

July 8:
Early in the morning, I went running with my dad. In the morning we played at the mall's treehouse. Naomi had fun going down the slide, but here favorite was to play on the dinosaur fossil. She played in his head, walked on his tail, and tried to climb his back (and she was really upset when she couldn't do it).

After Naomi went to bed that night I went and played basketball with some old friends. It was fun to play and good to see everyone.

July 9:

We hung out at home until noon and then we went to the airport. Naomi was really good on both flights even though our flight from Denver to Phoenix was delayed an hour.

We had a lot of fun with my family and we were really sad to leave them. But we really missed Cory and we were happy to see him. Naomi especially missed her daddy, for a few days after the trip only Cory was allowed to put her to bed.

Side note: I didn't completely finish Naomi's letters while in Utah, but the day after we came home I finished it. Here is the final product:
(I added a butterfly to the N and I put gems on the O)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Greatest Show...on Earth

On June 25th we went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. We went with Sondra, Eric, Jessy, Riley, their friends, Nicole, Gene, Caleb, Craig, and Amy. It was so much fun and so amazing. We went an hour before the show started because they had this clown college/meet the animals thing. Naomi was really nervous at first but then she really got into it. Here are some pictures of the fun we had and some of the cool acts they had.

(Not all acts have pictures, but it truly was awesome and Naomi loved it)