Monday, July 27, 2009

My Super Ballerina Princess

Naomi is getting into dress up. Lately when she plays with her cousins, Jessy and Riley, they dress her up in a princess skirt and crown. So now at home she wants to dress up. I don't really have a lot of dress up clothes for her, but she is...creative in what she chooses for her outfit.


tyler and emily said...

Hahaha!! I love the goggles! Especially the pic where you're in it too. How fun.

karen and co. said...

The other day, we were coming home from the pool and Caleb had his towel wrapped around him. By the time we got home, the towel was only around his waist. He pulled it off and threw it on the floor, saying he didn't want to be a princess.

A day or two after that, he put his little bath basketball hoop on my head and told me I was a princess.