Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How We Spent Our Christmas Vacation

I know this is long overdue, but better late than never, right?! I haven't been feeling well, which I'll explain later, but here is what we did for Christmas. **Warning this will be super long, but there will be lots of pictures and some video.

Two Saturdays before Christmas we went to two ward Christmas parties. In the morning, we went with Karen and Caleb to their ward party. They had lots of fun games: hula hoop toss, potato sack race but with a huge stocking, fishing, train ride. And they got to meet Santa.

The red golf cart may seem a little random but that is how Santa travels in AZ. That night Karen and Caleb joined us at our ward Christmas party because Santa was going to be there too. Who wouldn't want to see Santa twice in one day? We had dinner, a musical talent show, and then Santa came. The kids had fun.

The week before Christmas Naomi had her first dance recital in her dance/gymnastics class. It was super cute.

The weekend before Christmas we headed up to Colorado to visit Cory's grandparents, sister, brother, and Dad. We had a lot of fun! We ate good food, played in the snow, and played with cousins. Here are some pictures from our Snowman making adventures.

Aunt Amy, Uncle Craig, and Daddy helped Naomi build a little snowgirl (if you look closely her eyes are a plant that looks like eyelashes) and a big snowman. My nephew, Brennan, and I took pictures while they worked.

Before we left we played a game of Canasta with Great Grandma and then took lots of pictures with Great Grandma and Great Papa. It was so nice seeing them.

The Monday before Christmas we headed to Utah to spend Christmas with my family. We got to my parents in the afternoon just before a big storm hit. We were happy to have snow because Naomi wanted to build another snow man. So the next day Daddy, Uncle Brad and Naomi went to work building a snowman.

After they were done building their anorexic snowman they decided to have a snowball fight. Naomi loved throwing snowballs at Daddy.

Some other fun things we did before Christmas was play with Scout (my little sister's dog), visited with my cousin Gichin and his family, ate Pizza Factory breadtwists with my pregnant little sister, mommy and daddy played a couple games of Risk with Uncle Brett and Aunt Hope, play with Faith and Kira and Kelly (Mommy's best friend), visit BYU and get some fudge, eat at J-Dawgs with Dale (Daddy's friend) while Dane (another one of Daddy's friends) was working, eat at Zupas (our favorite Provo restaurant), went to dinner at cousin Courtney and her husband Eric's house, and saw the lights at Temple Square with Faith and Kira.

The girls had fun seeing all the lights and the big Jesus statue in the visitor's center. We're glad Kelly and Joey invited us to come with them!

The day before Christmas we went to the mall and then Daddy and Uncle Brett went and did some last minute shopping on their own. That night we read Luke 2 and then Naomi opened her present of pajamas.

Christmas morning Naomi woke up at 7:20, which is late for her, and was so excited to open presents. But we told her she needed to first wake up everyone else. After waking everyone up, she helped pass everyone their stocking. Then when that was empty she began opening all the rest of her presents under the tree.

I'm kinda shocked I didn't get any pictures of Naomi opening her presents. But she was happy with all she got: Disney Princess Barbies and Barbie clothes, baby doll accessories, dishes, Polly Pockets, and more.

The day before we left Utah we got to visit with mommy's friend, Danielle, and her husband.

We had so much fun spending Christmas in Utah! It was nice to play in the snow, but I was glad to be leaving it.

So on to why I've been so sick lately.

I'm pregnant!! I'm 14 weeks today! Next month we'll be finding out the gender.