Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday! and Happy 8 months

Happy Birthday Naomi Belle! Can't believe she is already 5 years old. It's crazy to think that she starts kindergarten this year. She's growing up so fast. She is an awesome big sister, mommy's little helper, and daddy's rough and tumble girl. Our family wouldn't be complete without her.

Jaxon is 8 months old. Seems like just yesterday I was big and pregnant with my chunky monkey. Time flies.

**We've been super busy lately so coming soon will be a catch up post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What we've been up to since the end of January

We have been sick a lot so far this year. The kids have had ear infections; I had pink eye which also caused the flu; we've all had colds and serious allergies, but I think we're starting to feel better. Even though we've been sick we've still managed to do some fun stuff.

Naomi started T-ball. She's loving it and she gets better every week. It has been lots of fun being her coach.

Jaxon enjoyed the game, but not as much as he enjoyed chewing on the camera bag.

Jaxon is army crawling. On February 9, 2012 he started scooting his way toward his toys. Here is a video from when he first started (Feb 10, 2012).

When he first started he would only use one leg to help him and was kind of slow. But now he is super fast and gets into everything. He's even started trying to climb up things. He's also begun getting his knees under him and rocking. He's going to be full on crawling soon.

We had a fun Valentine's Day. Naomi and Jaxon got new shirts and cute teddy bears.

Naomi was eating her breakfast which was donut holes, cuz we love her a "hole" bunch

Naomi's preschool group went on a field trip to the Gilbert Temple Construction Site.

I was able to go with them. It was really neat, the couple missionaries talked about temples and the specifics of this temple. While the kids were eating their snack, one of the workers in the office took a part of the broken stone from a wall that had fallen and broke off some so that the kids could each have their own rock. The kids loved it!

Naomi's cousin Zoey came to town to celebrate her birthday. We went to the zoo and played and went to a fun birthday party.

Jaxon likes to help me feed him. Not my favorite thing because of the mess but it is so cute watching him try.
Naomi gave some of her toys a bath.

Naomi is still doing dance. And the last class of each month we are allowed to go and watch them, so for her last class in February Jaxon and I sat in for the last 10 minutes of class. It was so fun watching her. She is a cute little dancer.

Naomi made a necklace. The mini kit was on clearance at Michaels for 9 cents. Totally worth it, hopefully I can find more the next time I go.
Jaxon is so busy and loves crawling around on the floor.

Well, I think I am now all caught up. I'll try and be better about posting. Just pray the we don't get sick again for a while, at least a month.

35 Things Update for Jan and Feb

I know that this is a little over due but I have been sick on and off for 2 months now so I have not had the energy to blog. I am feeling better so I am going to try and get up-to-date.

35 Things for January

1. Reading the Book of Mormon on my Kindle. I don't have to worry about my bookmark falling out.

6. Made my mom's Apple Cake. Didn't take a picture, but I'll try to remember. One word: yummy!

12. The garage is clean!

18. Worked on the kitchen. Still in progress.

32. Painted birdhouse with Naomi (picture in previous post).

35 Things for February

1. Still reading. Working toward everyday, I read most days.

6. Made Pasta Fagioli, recipe from ward cookbook. It was awesome!

18. Still decluttering kitchen and working on master bathroom. I'll post some pictures soon.

23. Got a haircut. Been thinking about it for a long time and finally did it. And I love it!

What do you think?

32. We did some painting projects but you'll have to wait on the pictures.

Well I'm slowly but surely getting things done.