Monday, July 26, 2010

Dresser Before and After

So here is the dresser, in it's original form.
I was really nervous to re-paint this dresser, that I put it off for a couple of weeks. After some research I found the best and fastest way to repaint would be to first use deglosser, then paint a couple of coats. Deglosser worked great and was way easier than having to sand it.

Here is the finished product.

I like how it turned out. But I'm still undecided about the handles. For right now they will stay silver, but maybe I'll paint them black or white or pink. What do you think?

Friday, July 23, 2010

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Naomi loves to run, and when she runs she leads with her head. So when she falls guess what hits the ground first?

look at the awful bump, if you look at the bump closely you can see a scar from another time when she fell and hit her head

So this is how it happened. Last night Naomi and her friend Caleb Collinwood were having a pillow fight. Well Naomi came running into the kitchen with a pillow that was taller than she was, she tripped and cracked her head on the tile. It was awful to watch. I just held her while she cried and when she was ready we iced it for a little bit. She doesn't like it at first, but then got to eat some ice too so she was happy.

look at how much it is sticking out

Today it was hardly noticeable, just a bruise mostly. When we were grocery shopping today Naomi was bouncing and skipping around and of course she falls and hits her head again. Luckily it wasn't tile so it wasn't as bad.

I think she got my accident-prone genes.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

House Guests

Last week my best friend Kelly and her family came to visit us from Utah. We had a lot of fun, but it was too short. We went swimming in our neighborhood pool, ate good food and good desserts, played at our house, went to Tempe Beach Park, and rode on the carousel.

Naomi playing with Faith.

Here Kelly and I are standing with Naomi and Kira. Kira didn't like the park too much.

Naomi loved riding the hopping bunny.

We had so much fun! The girls played well together. Can't wait until they come visit again.

3rd of July

I call this post the 3rd of July because that's when we celebrated the 4th, since on the 4th we were driving home. But it was a fun weekend. We spent the weekend in Colorado with Cory's family. We ate Grandma's cookies, ate at good restaurants, played games with Grandma, and hung out with all the cousins. Naomi had so much fun. Here is what we did on the 3rd of July.

We went to the Blanding Parade with the whole Crowley crew (this is everyone minus a few people). We had really good seats and we were near the beginning of the parade, so we didn't have to wait long.
Here's Naomi sitting with her bag waiting for the parade to start so she can get some candy.
These are the F-16s that flew over us, twice.
Here they are collecting the candy. The older cousins were helping the little cousins collect candy.

This tractor thing is called the Big 4. Grandad was excited to see it because last year they couldn't get it started before the parade so it was pulled on a trailer but this year it ran on it's own.

Here Naomi is showing Grandma all the candy she's gotten so far.

We saw lots of horses.
This guys was showing off his whip skills, but he also got the horse next to him.

It was a pretty good parade, and Naomi and all the kids ended up with way too much candy.

It was a fun trip, but too short.

June Recap

June was a fun month, but it went by so fast. So here is a recap of how June went.

Swimming lessons was fun and Naomi became a little fish. But if you call her that she says, "I'm not a fish, I'm Naomi!"
Naomi floating like Snow White (that's what her swim teacher called it).
Naomi was the example to the other three kids of how to jump in. Naomi is swimming to the steps in the pool, with a little help from her teacher. She did awesome!

Went out to lunch with Daddy.

We've played with my nephew, Brennan.
This is Naomi at 3 months, can't believe she was once as little as Brennan. They don't like identical like their daddy's, but there are some similarities.

We also started a countdown to Disney Trip. I think we started counting down at 36 days.
So on each link is an activity we can do to help us get ready for Disney. Here are some of the activities we've done.

Princess Party (done this one a few times)
In this picture Naomi is fighting the "bad girl" (that's what she called the imaginary bad guy).

Then she died :(

Then Prince Woody saved her.

Painted pictures of Princesses and Tinkerbell

I also worked on a couple projects. I repainted a dresser (pictures coming soon). And I re-finished Naomi's letters'.

So that's what we did in June.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's for the Koalas

I love my Naomi! She is so smart and is so curious. She is always asking questions, and usually does NOT agree with my answer.

So today when we were at church Naomi had to go to the bathroom. We get into the big stall, and Naomi stares at the baby changing station on the wall, you know the ones with the koala on them. Anyway, this is how our conversation goes.

Naomi: What is that?
Me: It's where you change a diaper. It's for babies.
Naomi: (thinks about my answer) No mom, it's for the Koalas.
Me: Sweetie, it's for the babies.
Naomi: No, the koala babies.

I left it at that because she would argue with me forever and since she's three there is no reasoning. Maybe she'd make a good lawyer :)

I could see how that would make sense to a three year old though, because it has a picture of a koala on it and not a baby.