Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's for the Koalas

I love my Naomi! She is so smart and is so curious. She is always asking questions, and usually does NOT agree with my answer.

So today when we were at church Naomi had to go to the bathroom. We get into the big stall, and Naomi stares at the baby changing station on the wall, you know the ones with the koala on them. Anyway, this is how our conversation goes.

Naomi: What is that?
Me: It's where you change a diaper. It's for babies.
Naomi: (thinks about my answer) No mom, it's for the Koalas.
Me: Sweetie, it's for the babies.
Naomi: No, the koala babies.

I left it at that because she would argue with me forever and since she's three there is no reasoning. Maybe she'd make a good lawyer :)

I could see how that would make sense to a three year old though, because it has a picture of a koala on it and not a baby.


Emily said...

Haha. That's cute!

Miller Family said...

he he gotta love that.