Sunday, July 11, 2010

June Recap

June was a fun month, but it went by so fast. So here is a recap of how June went.

Swimming lessons was fun and Naomi became a little fish. But if you call her that she says, "I'm not a fish, I'm Naomi!"
Naomi floating like Snow White (that's what her swim teacher called it).
Naomi was the example to the other three kids of how to jump in. Naomi is swimming to the steps in the pool, with a little help from her teacher. She did awesome!

Went out to lunch with Daddy.

We've played with my nephew, Brennan.
This is Naomi at 3 months, can't believe she was once as little as Brennan. They don't like identical like their daddy's, but there are some similarities.

We also started a countdown to Disney Trip. I think we started counting down at 36 days.
So on each link is an activity we can do to help us get ready for Disney. Here are some of the activities we've done.

Princess Party (done this one a few times)
In this picture Naomi is fighting the "bad girl" (that's what she called the imaginary bad guy).

Then she died :(

Then Prince Woody saved her.

Painted pictures of Princesses and Tinkerbell

I also worked on a couple projects. I repainted a dresser (pictures coming soon). And I re-finished Naomi's letters'.

So that's what we did in June.

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