Monday, July 26, 2010

Dresser Before and After

So here is the dresser, in it's original form.
I was really nervous to re-paint this dresser, that I put it off for a couple of weeks. After some research I found the best and fastest way to repaint would be to first use deglosser, then paint a couple of coats. Deglosser worked great and was way easier than having to sand it.

Here is the finished product.

I like how it turned out. But I'm still undecided about the handles. For right now they will stay silver, but maybe I'll paint them black or white or pink. What do you think?


The Quilters said...

I think the silver looks really cute. But you could change them to a different color if you wanted. Pink or black would be my picks if you decide you don't like the silver. The dresser looks awesome, you're quite a talented woman. But wait we already knew that.;)

Miller Family said...

I think the silver looks find in the picture - because there is silver in her name blocks over head. :) I will have to see it in person to Really say :) But it is an improvement for sure! :) White stuff is so cute in girls rooms! :)

karen and co. said...

So I was reading this in google reader and Caleb sees the finished dresser with her name on it and says, "Hey Mom, Naomi has that."

The Kelly Family said...

I think the dresser looks great! Good job :) I actually think that you should paint the handles a subtle shade of pink, or if you're feeling handy, go to home depot and pick out new ones and just replace them. Handles are cheap. Anyways. We're excited to see you tonight!