Monday, July 9, 2012

11 Months and Baby Showers

Jaxon was 11 months at the end of June. Crazy that he is almost a year. He is the funniest little boy. He has so much personality, just like his big sister. He loves to throw anything in his hands, he's got a pretty good arm.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a comparison picture of Naomi and Jaxon. This is a picture of them both at 11 months old. Can you guess who is who? Jaxon is on the left and Naomi the right, they look a lot a like.

This is what Jaxon is doing and loving at 11 months:
  • Crawls really fast
  • Army crawls when his hands are full of toys
  • Favorite game is to play catch (they are all gentle tosses)
  • Loves to crawl right into Naomi and head butt her
  • Likes to "bonk" (knock his forehead against yours)
  • Loves to throw his food
  • Loves to point and grunt to tell you where he wants to go or what thing he wants you to hand him
  • Loves his blanket and stuffed animal for naptime and bedtime
  • Screams all the time
  • Almost weaned of me
  • Points to Cory and says Da da, points to me and says Ma ma
  • Can kind of sign more, please, and all done

The month of June was also a very busy month for me. I hosted 2 baby showers.

One was for my friend Emily, who just had her sweet baby girl Molly. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of her shower, so I'll just have to tell you about. I hosted the shower at my house. The theme was Ready to Pop with pink and green colors. Emily's sister made a cute banner that said It's a Girl. The food was cookie bowl fruit bar (cookie bowls made by Emily's sister in law), two types of popcorn (white chocolate and  smores), and a yummy green salad (made by Emily's step mom in law). We had a Skittles guessing game, where you had to guess how many skittles were in the jar and whoever was the closest won the candy jar with all the skittles in it. I made the jar, but didn't take a picture. Then we played the Celebrity Baby Name game, Baby Edition Scattergories (click on the link to see where I got the idea), and guess how big her belly is by blowing up balloons. The winner of the belly game had to stick the balloon up their shirt and take a picture with her. For the sign in, my sis in law made some cute M's to sign on. I also made a yarn letter M in a purple ombre design (the picture is on my phone so I'll post that soon). The favor was Pop, to go with the theme and the tag said Thanks for Popping By.

The second shower was for my friend and visiting teachee, Stefani. She is going to have a little boy, so the colors for the shower were turquoise, yellow, and red and the theme was B is for Boy and Bow tie. My friend Lauryn and I helped Stefani's sister throw the shower. Lauryn made these super cute invitations and all the little signs for food and decor. Alison got all the food and decor figured out. And I hosted and made a banner and did the games. I really like how the banner turned out.

For the banner I used burlap; red, yellow, and turqoise paint; and black ribbon. I found a font I liked on my computer printed it off and cut it out to make a stencil, same with the bow ties. After the paint dried I hot glued the burlap onto the ribbon. What took the most time was cutting out the letters, other then that it was way easier then I'd thought it would be. The food was a breakfast bar. We had and parfait bar, fruit, donuts, muffins, and breakfast casserole. All so yummy. The food was brought by friends and family. The first game was the skittles guessing game. I made the jar. It only cost me $1: $1 for the candlestick from the dollar store. And I already had the jar, paint for lid, finial for lid, and gorilla glue to glue everything together. Winner got the jar.

The sign in was baby wishes (click link to see where I got the idea). And we hung it from twine with clothespins. We also played guess how big her belly is (with yarn) and Celebrity baby names. The favor was B is for Bubblegum (click link to see where I got the idea) and other candy. It turned out way cute. We even hung balloons from the ceiling for decor, it turned out so good. Here are just a few pictures.

Both showers turned out great!

Well I'm just about caught up. Look for more posts coming soon.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Months and May Dance Recital

Jaxon is a ham and makes the funniest faces. I usually can't get a picture of them but I got a few of his funny faces this time. At the end of May Jaxon turned 10 months old, I know it's already July but I'm just trying to catch up.

This is what Jaxon is doing and loving at 10 months:
  • Tries to climb on everything
  • Army crawls super fast
  • Starting to crawl on all 4s
  • Favorite game is to pull out all the baby wipes
  • Loves, loves, loves Naomi
  • Likes banging on her bedroom door
  • Loves the kitchen cupboards
  • Love Love Loves the pool
  • Loves bath time with big sister
  • Still loves to scream (high pitched & loud)
  • Likes to point at things

Here's some video of Jaxon army crawling and trying the climb the stairs (don't worry I was right next to him).

Also at the end of May was Naomi's dance recital. She was so cute and she did such a good job. We were so proud of her. Even in her last dance her hair bow was falling off and she kept on dancing. We're so glad Aunt Amy, cousin Brennan, Uncle Craig, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Taylor, and Grandma Sharon could come.

(Naomi is the 4th from the right)

The videos from her recital wouldn't upload so, I'll put it in a different post.