Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Months and May Dance Recital

Jaxon is a ham and makes the funniest faces. I usually can't get a picture of them but I got a few of his funny faces this time. At the end of May Jaxon turned 10 months old, I know it's already July but I'm just trying to catch up.

This is what Jaxon is doing and loving at 10 months:
  • Tries to climb on everything
  • Army crawls super fast
  • Starting to crawl on all 4s
  • Favorite game is to pull out all the baby wipes
  • Loves, loves, loves Naomi
  • Likes banging on her bedroom door
  • Loves the kitchen cupboards
  • Love Love Loves the pool
  • Loves bath time with big sister
  • Still loves to scream (high pitched & loud)
  • Likes to point at things

Here's some video of Jaxon army crawling and trying the climb the stairs (don't worry I was right next to him).

Also at the end of May was Naomi's dance recital. She was so cute and she did such a good job. We were so proud of her. Even in her last dance her hair bow was falling off and she kept on dancing. We're so glad Aunt Amy, cousin Brennan, Uncle Craig, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Taylor, and Grandma Sharon could come.

(Naomi is the 4th from the right)

The videos from her recital wouldn't upload so, I'll put it in a different post.

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