Saturday, September 13, 2014

Marley's Newborn Pictures and Christmas/Baby Blessing

It has been too long and I am way behind. My goal is to get all caught by Marley's 1st birthday. I have less than 2 months, but I think I can do it. My plan is to post monthly recaps. I'll highlight the events of the month and add tons of pictures and possibly videos. Wish me luck!

Marley's Newborn Pictures (November)
My amazing friend Karen, was so sweet and took some awesome newborn pictures of Marley and some sibling shots too. I loved them all, so here are some of my favorites.

And here are the bloopers, but they are still super cute.

Got the guitar picture idea off of Pinterest. Yeah did not work out for us.

Blessing Day/Christmas (December)
December was a fun month. Busy with last minute Christmas shopping, my parents visited for the holidays and for Marley's blessing, seeing cousins and family, lots of playing, and celebrating the New Year with Europe.

 This is what shopping with Jaxon is like.

 Hanging with my parents.

 Dinner with the cousins. These pictures are so fun because we were pregnant at the same time and these cousins were all born within a couple weeks of each other. And we took belly shots like this, so we had to get the same baby shots taken.

 Marley's blessing day was wonderful. Daddy gave a very sweet blessing and all our family was there to be with us and then we ate yummy food afterwards. This is a 4 generation picture.
 This is Naomi showing us how you mini bowl. It was lots of fun.
Jaxon is doing sparklers with my mom to celebrate the New Year. 

We started a tradition a couple years ago that we celebrate New Year's earlier in the evening with the kids. We choose a time and figure out which country will be celebrating the new year and so we celebrate the New Year with that country. Two years ago it was Greenland, but this last year it was some other European country. Then we can put the kids to bed and try to wait up till midnight so we can celebrate.
This is our first family picture with Marley.

*If you made it this far, way to go. This is a long post but luckily it is mostly pictures. One post down 10 or 11 more to go and then I'll be caught up.