Saturday, November 3, 2012

October/Halloween Fun

Wow, I can't believe it is already November. October turned out to be a fun and busy fun. Here is a little of what we did!

At the beginning of October was fall break for Naomi. During that time we spent a few days with the Oberly's at their family cabin. It was a lot of fun. The kids played and explored and got really dirty.

(Pictured: Naomi with her friend Jaxon, Naomi with baby Molly, my baby Jaxon playing with Troy in the dirt, Naomi on the motorcycle with my friend Emily, some pics of just Naomi and just baby Jaxon, Naomi eating breakfast with baby Jaxon, and Naomi with Troy and Jaxon)

One of the days at the cabin Emily and I decided to take the bigger kids on the hike and leave baby Molly with her husband. It was fun and the kids did really well, even baby Jaxon walked part of it. I carried him most of the way, with help from Emily. Let's just say my arms were very sore.

And Jaxon was busy practicing his swing at the cabin. He'll be the next Phil Mickelson because he swings left -handed. Here is proof.

Lots of Halloween festivities went on throughout the month, but I didn't get many pictures of most it. But I did get some cute pictures from the pumpkin patch. Jaxon was being a stinker and wouldn't look at the camera most of the time.

And finally we had an awesome Halloween. Our ward trunk-or-treat was on Halloween so that is how we celebrated. Grandpa Buzz came with us. Naomi dressed up as a witch, I was her black cat, Jaxon was a golfer, Cory was his caddy, and our truck was Mater. The costumes turned out so cute! We ate chili, played some carnival games the youth were in charge of, and trick-or-treated to all the cars. Naomi had fun and Jaxon did too. He mostly enjoyed eating suckers.

Here is a closeup of Cory's caddy bib that I made, and Naomi's witches broom that we made together.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!