Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Like Mommy

So a couple a of days ago I ate some bad food that made me pretty sick (don't worry no gory details and I'm definitely NOT pregnant). I was standing over the toilet when Naomi walked in. I told her mommy felt sick and that she should go play and I would be with her shortly, so she left. But immediately walked back into the bathroom, I again told her I was sick and that she should leave. Instead she said, "I sick" and went over to her little potty, lifted up the lid, and leaned over it just like me. It was so funny.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Naomi is in the stage where she thinks if she hides behind something or covers her eyes you can't see her. So the other day, Naomi and her cousins were hiding under the counter and waiting for me to walk by so they could scare me. Sometimes Naomi would poke her head out and say "Rarr," but most of the time she would scream at the top of her lungs (and it did make me jump). Her are some pictures from her fun.

Swim Lessons

The last couple of weeks Naomi has been in swim lessons at the community pool. The first day Naomi screamed the whole time, and it was her high pitched scream. The second day went smoother, she still cried but it wasn't as loud and she wasn't screaming. Each day got better and she loved it, for the most part. Each time when she was working on new schools she would moan and cry a little but she still tried it. The second to last day she was smiling and giggling almost the whole time. She is now done with swim lessons for the summer, but I'll keep working with her so she can get better at the skills she learned.

I only got one picture of Naomi at swim lessons, since I was in the pool the whole time. So here is a picture with her instructor, Hailee.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Friday

Because of the Arizona heat, the Zoo now opens at 7 am in the summer. So we (Naomi, Nicole, Caleb, and me) got to the zoo around 7:20 am. It was hot, but bearable and there was a nice breeze, since it was still early. We got to see the animals more lively. We saw a male ostrich showing off to the female ostriches, the giraffes up close, the tiger and lions awake, the meerkats digging, and the baboons fighting. Naomi and Caleb had fun seeing the animals while they were awake. After we saw the animals, we went to the water play area and let Naomi and Caleb get wet. We could have spent most of our time there and they would have been happy. Next we went on the carousel ride. And then we had to hurry to get to movies. Harkins Theatre has this awesome kids' summer movie program where you pay $7 to see 10 movies throughout the summer, the movies are older ones but they're still good ones. We saw Nim's Island, Naomi liked it because of all the animals. So here are some pictures from our fun day.