Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swim Lessons

The last couple of weeks Naomi has been in swim lessons at the community pool. The first day Naomi screamed the whole time, and it was her high pitched scream. The second day went smoother, she still cried but it wasn't as loud and she wasn't screaming. Each day got better and she loved it, for the most part. Each time when she was working on new schools she would moan and cry a little but she still tried it. The second to last day she was smiling and giggling almost the whole time. She is now done with swim lessons for the summer, but I'll keep working with her so she can get better at the skills she learned.

I only got one picture of Naomi at swim lessons, since I was in the pool the whole time. So here is a picture with her instructor, Hailee.

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