Sunday, February 24, 2013

November Fun

At the beginning of November, Naomi's school had a fall carnival. The kids had fun playing games, playing on the playground, eating hotdogs, and walking around/touring the fire truck. Jaxon spent 10 minutes walking around it and stopping to look at all the tools on board.

For Thanksgiving, we took a trip to Colorado to spend time with Cory's family. Naomi and Jaxon had so much fun playing with their cousins and loved roaming around and playing outside in Grandpa Buzz's open yard. We spent a lot of time with Cory's Grandma, she looks really good for being 96. We even went on a fun hike. It was a joint effort by all the Crowley sisters and sister-in-laws to make Thanksgiving dinner possible. The food was delicious, sadly I have no pictures to show. Just believe me that it was good and there was lots of food.

 (Pictures with Cory's grandma)
(Pictures from the hike)

I even made a Christmas decoration at a make and take craft day put on by some friends.

It was a fun month full of Thanks!

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