Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy New Year's!

January had a rough start. We were going to celebrate the New Year with my cousin and her family, but we all get really sick. So we spent New Year's at home. Since I wanted it to be fun for the kids without keeping them up too late, we decided we'd celebrate the New Year with Greenland which was around 6pm. Before the countdown started we wrote down a few memories from the past year and a couple goals for the new year. We used our left over pop its, party poppers, and sparklers from July. The kids loved it until the sparkler got stuck in Jaxon's coat sleeve then he was done. But he still loved the party poppers.

( Sorry it's blurry)
(Sorry not clear)
(Jaxon getting a new year kiss from Mommy)

New Year's morning was spent following our tradition (which stems from my childhood) which is a waffle breakfast with strawberries and ice cream. One word: Yummy.

One of our goals for the year is be healthier and more active. My big goal for the year is for 2013 to be the "Best Year." Last year was a good year with some ups and downs, with triumphs and trials. I struggled with having a good attitude and being hard on myself. So this year is going to be the best, which means better then last year. I will find ways to the best mom, the best wife, and the best me. We'll see how it goes.

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