Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Update

So I was going to post about Halloween but I am too tired. So here is a video, a picture, and some quotes to get you through until I post about Halloween.

Jaxon is giggling with Aunt Sondra. It was so funny. (Ignore Cory in the background, he didn't know he was in the shot)

Jaxon just hanging out in his car seat.

Naomi has been saying some of the funniest and most random things lately. We were driving back to Aunt Sondra's house after having lunch with Aunt Sondra and Papa Buzz when Naomi starts telling Daddy to hurry up.

Naomi: Daddy you got to beat them.
Cory: (as we pass them) We're ahead of them now.
Naomi: Oh good you got to win so I can give you this invisible trophy.
Me: (now we're being passed) Oh no Sondra is passing us, will you give her the trophy if she wins?
Naomi: No.

Didn't really know what to say after that.

Today my friend challenged me to a race, but I was on foot pushing the stroller with Naomi and Jaxon in it and she was in her car. So I declined, but this is what Naomi had to say, "Mom, you can beat her. I won't let you down." I just laughed.

Naomi's new tagline is "Oh come on." She says it when Jaxon poops or spits up, if she drops something or spills something. It's really cute and funny. Cory and I were trying to figure out where she got it from, don't tell Cory but I secretly heard him say it. I'm not pointing any fingers.

So that should do until next time.


Emily said...

I love his giggles! So cute

Naomi cracks me up. What a personality. "Oh come on," is a whole lot better than what gets repeated over here. haha. Oops. Mostly it's dangit, but she's repeated "crap" and even worse (haha, from Tyler...not to be pointing fingers either)

Miller Family said...

he is looking so much like Naomi! :) Love it!