Sunday, September 29, 2013


Well July was a fun and busy month. We started off the month with a week long trip to Colorado to spend time with Cory's family.

We had so much fun in Colorado. The kids played outside a ton (something we can't do during the summer in AZ) and got to play with cousins. Papa Buzz took them on the four wheeler. The played in a kiddie pool. Naomi even lost her second tooth while eating a cookie. We got to spend time with Cory's grandma, and play some canasta.

On the 4th we went up to Durango to hang out. We stopped at Honeyville to get some amazing honey. We got this honey caramel sauce, it was so declicious. We also spent time up at Durango Mountain Resort. We had so much fun. Naomi did the Alpine Slide with her cousins and we took Jaxon and Naomi to mini golf. Jaxon was too small for the alpine slide but he enjoyed sitting in the test car. That night we enjoyed watching fireworks from Papa Buzz's driveway.

 The kids with Aunt Sondra showing off their 4th of July shirts

One of the days Aunt Sondra and her girls took Naomi and her bestie cousin Zoey to the Delores River. They had so much fun. The last time Naomi went to the Delores River she was 6 months old.

We were lucky to do a session at the Monticello Temple. Cory's nephew went through for the first time. We were lucky to be apart of that.

On our last day Cory and all the boys of the family helped Cory's sister move. And then that night while in Durango we went up to the Bar D Chuckwagon for dinner. We walked around the shops and rode the little train around and then ate some yummy food. They do a show after the dinner, but the kids were too tired from all the excitement of the week that we went home right after we ate.

It was a super fun week in Colorado. We were sad to leave.

The rest of July was spent just hanging out and swimming at the pool. We even dressed up like cows to get free meals at Chic-fil-a.

 Then we it was time for school to start. It was crazy that school was already here and that Naomi was starting 1st grade and going to be gone all day. My baby is growing up, and yes I cried a little.

Then on the second day of school my other baby, Jaxon, turned 2. We had a Golf-themed birthday party for him. He had so much fun.

July was a good month.

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