Saturday, September 28, 2013


So I know June was a long time ago but I finally have the energy to sit down and get caught up. So here goes.

June was a fun month for us. Naomi took swim lessons from a friend in our ward, and she did awesome. She became a little fishy. Jaxon didn't take swim lessons but he did get to play in the pool while Naomi was in class. Here is a video of Naomi swimming across the pool and then back.

I don't have a ton of pictures from June, but we spent a lot of time at the pool (or laying around the house on days where the morning sickness was rough).

So at the end of June Cory and I took a trip without the kids. Cory had been planning this trip since Mother's Day. And he kept the destination a complete secret. The kids spent a couple days with his twin's family and a couple days with his older sister. So I finally found out where we were going once we were on the road. He planned a trip for us to San Diego. I was shocked and so excited. We stayed in La Jolla, not far from the San Diego Temple. Our first day we went and toured the USS Midway. It was a really cool tour and it was neat seeing all the airplanes. Even Madden was there to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a football game on the ship. We got to see the field and everyone getting things ready. 

Afterwards we went to Hodad's where we enjoyed a super yummy lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day scoping out beaches for our beach day. We fell in love with Coronado Island. We walked around the Hotel Del Coronado Beach, checked out Silver Strand State Beach, and tried to find Imperial Beach but got distracted by this crazy car.

Then we decided to check out La Jolla Cove. It was stinky because of all the seals, but it was cool to see all the seals.

Then we discovered Sprinkles Cupcakes, which became our favorite cupcake place. We knew we had to check it out because we love watching the show Cupcake Wars and one of the judges started Sprinkles. We tried 4 different flavors and my favorite that night was the banana cupcake.

The next day we decided to spend our beach day at Silver Strand Beach. It was beautiful and so relaxing. We played in the water, ate a picnic lunch, read a book, and napped. It was so nice. Poor Cory got a really bad sunburn. We put on sunscreen but forgot to re-apply. That night we got some more Sprinkles cupcakes of course 4 more flavors.

For our last full day in San Diego we did a session at the San Diego Temple. And that temple is just as beautiful on the inside as it is the out. For lunch we went to a delicious BBQ place for lunch called Phil's BBQ. Then we hung around Coronado Island again till dinner time. For dinner we tried Lucha Libre Taco Shop. The food was good but I felt like the place was more for the experience. And then of course we got some more Sprinkles cupcakes.

The next day was our long drive to Colorado to meet up with the kids and Cory's family. We weren't exactly looking forward to the drive, but we were missing the kids like crazy. We had so much fun in San Diego, we can't wait till we can go back.

June was a fun month.

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