Sunday, September 29, 2013


August was a more low key month compared to June and July. But we did have lots of fun. Here are some random pictures from August.

 Cute cakes and diaper cakes that were made for my sister-in-law Amy and my baby shower open house

 Jaxon testing out his new big boy bed

 Naomi and Jaxon wearing masks they got at Cory's co-worker's son's birthday party
 Meeting Ironman, Ironman wanted to shake Jaxon's hand when he first met him but instead Jaxon punched his leg
 Yep that fork is up Jaxon's nose
Naomi had to do it too since Jaxon was doing it

Just some of the crazy pictures we captured in August.

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Emily said...

Haha!! Your kids are so funny and cute!