Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Naomi's Independence

Naomi is growing up way too fast. Her personality is really shining. She is pretty creative and smart. Her favorite food right now is pizza. She's been asking for pizza to eat and we decided that we'd get it for lunch. After I finished my piece, I decided I wanted some apple sauce. Naomi started asking for some too, so I tried giving her a spoonful but she wouldn't take it. It took me second to realize that she wanted the applesauce on her pizza. I hesitated, but Cory insisted that we should let her creative mind free, so I put some on her pizza and she ate it. After she took a bite, she'd ask for more. She ate a whole piece of pizza that way. It's funny the things kids want to do.

Also Naomi likes to line things up. Today she pulled all the DVD boxes off the shelf and lined them up side by side across the living room. I couldn't find my camera, but I'm sure she'll do it again and then I'll have a picture for you to see.

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Kelly said...

That sounds so yucky, but kids are so funny. Isaac is getting to were he won't let me feed him much... they've got to do it all themselves.