Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweet, Innocent Naomi

So my sweet little Naomi is going through that terrible age. Naomi was never really destructive and I never really had to worry about her. It first started a week ago. I had her color on the floor in the bathroom so I could get ready for the day, but she decided that the toilet seat lid needed to be colored. Luckily that wiped off. Then the next day she was coloring in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner, and then I suddenly realize that she is coloring on the inside of one of the lower cabinet doors. Luckily it was on the inside, but it still isn't completely gone. Since then she hasn't colored without me watching her every move. Monday morning we were eating breakfast at the table and there were playing cards leftover from playing games with Cory. I was reading something (I don't know what) as I realize she has bit a whole in the center of one of the cards and ate it.

Lately she has also been throwing more tantrums and laughs when I put her in time out. I'm pretty easy going and it takes quite a bit to get me upset, but Naomi has pushed all my buttons. But she made me laugh the other day when we were driving in the car. She had been whining and I tried to calm her down but she said to me, "I'm grumpy. Leave me alone." I know she got the "I'm grumpy" thing from me, but "leave me alone' part just made me laugh.

But I love her so much and now I'm going to go de-stress so that we can have a happier day.


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

How fun to go through that little defiant stage! You just learn the tricks of the trade so you can teach me when it becomes Ethan's turn. Ethan thinks punishment is funny too.. sometimes it drives me crazy and other times I have to leave the room to keep from laughing out loud in front of him! Ah... the joys of raising toddlers!

Rachel said...

Hi Liz! Found your blog and wanted to say hello. Your daughter is growing up so much, and is so cute!