Monday, December 7, 2009

Project Ornaments

So I've been feeling crafty lately and I found a really cute idea for making Christmas tree ornaments out of toilet paper rolls. I got the idea from the muffin tin mom, follow this link to check it out: Muffin Tin Mom.

So here is my finished product.

The next time I do a project like this I will use acrylic paint instead of spray paint. Reason one: I can't stand the smell of spray paint. Reason two: in order to make sure that the paint was even all over I had to use my fingers to rub it all around and some of my stars still have spots without paint. But it was fun and I'm glad I'm done.


Emily said...

Wow! That looks great. No way can you tell it was ever a toilet paper roll. I really like it! I might do it next year.
So, I've been feeling really crafty lately too. The list of bookmarked pages on my computer of To Do's is getting longer and longer. So many fun crafts, so little time.

Miller Family said...

Cute ornaments :) I am still waiting to see the dress for Naomi out of that shirt! :)