Monday, March 1, 2010

Disney Cruise, Going Home

(I know I've been a slacker lately, but here is how the final day went.)

On our final day, we had to wake up early to eat breakfast at Triton's. As soon as we finished we headed off the ship. We went to the luggage area to get our bags and went through customs. Oh and don't take any pictures in the luggage area because someone will come up to you and tell you to delete the picture before you can go any further. After we got through customs we headed outside and waited for Gene to get the rental (since we rented a van with Nicole, Gene and Caleb). We got in and said goodbye to the Disney Cruise.
Our flight didn't leave until 5, so we headed to the rental home where everyone who was going to Disney World was staying. We hung out there until around 11:45 and we headed to California Pizza Kitchen where we were meeting my Aunt Debbie for lunch. It was good to see her, maybe next time we visit we'll see the whole family.

Then we headed to the airport. We were going through security when the security guy comes up and starts asking him questions about his bag. He asks if he knows the rules about liquids. Cory said yes, but we had no idea what he was trying to get at. He then brought up that snow globes aren't allowed. Still confused, Cory finally realized he meant this tiny snow globe ornament we bought on the ship. We pulled it out of the bag and the guy said we had 3 options: throw it away, mail it to ourselves, or take it back to the Disney shop in the airport. Cory said he'd go take it back. So while he was getting all his shoes and stuff back on, the guy had undone the bubble wrap around it and then came up to us to show us it was broken and leaking. Naomi was ready to go, so we just told him to throw it away. I wish I would have just asked for it since the globe was going to be empty of liquids.

Anyway, we made it home safely and we were glad to be home. But we can't wait to someday go on another Disney Cruise.

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