Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yakkity Yak

Naomi has been really funny lately.

The other day I needed to run something over to our next door neighbor. Naomi was busy watching a movie and I asked her if she wanted to come, she said she wanted to watch her movie. So I told her I would be next door and be gone only a minute. As I'm knocking on my neighbor's door I hear Naomi crying in the house, so I go back home to find the door locked. I have no keys, no phone, and the truck so Cory can't even come home and save me. Naomi is panicking and crying, so I'm trying not to panic.

Me: Naomi turn the lock, you need to unlock the door
Naomi: I can't (crying so hard :( )
Me: You have to unlock the door, you need to unlock the door
Naomi: You unlock the door (with attitude)

She's so sassy, I couldn't believe that was her response. So moral of the story, don't leave home without the keys. And yes Naomi finally let me back in.

Last night during dinner, Naomi told me she wanted an popsicle and to play outside. I told her that once she finished her dinner she could.

Naomi: I can't eat this. I want a popsicle.
Me: You can have a popsicle when you finish your chicken.
Naomi: But I want to go outside.
Me: Once you finish your chicken you can go outside.
(This went back and forth for a while, as I was finishing my dinner)
Naomi: I want a popsicle and to play outside.
Me: You can't until your chicken is gone. (I show her my empty plate) I can have a popsicle and go outside because I finished my dinner. But you can't until you've eaten your dinner.
Naomi: Good job Mommy! You ate all your dinner.

Gotta love her!

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