Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Zoo Trip

The Phoenix Zoo is a lot of fun and really big so we went to the zoo again with our friends Nicole and Caleb. We went on this train ride that takes you around the whole zoo. It was nice to sit and see some of the animals we didn't see last time. After the train ride went to the exhibits Sting Ray Bay and the Arizona wildlife. Naomi liked looking at the sting rays but every time they swam by she would jump away. It was fun to see all the animals that are native to Arizona, but I am now a little weary of going on hikes because most of these animals I would not want to go near.

Thanks Nicole for taking us. Here are a couple pictures.

Naomi and Caleb in the Arizona wildlife area

This roadrunner is native to AZ and look
closely because it only has one leg

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