Monday, March 16, 2009

My Creative Problem Solver

So today was a really hot day so we went swimming (just had to throw that in for those who are in Utah). Anyway, Naomi did not want to get out of the pool, and she had missed her nap so she threw the biggest fit I've seen...yet. After twenty minutes of trying to reason I set her in her playpen/bed and left her to cry until she calmed down. After two hours, she was quiet, so we thought she was sleeping. Twenty minutes later she comes walking into the living room. She hasn't ever really climbed out of her playpen before so we were curious. Cory went into the room to see how she could have gotten out and he found that she had pushed her blanket into the corner of the playpen and put her pillow on top. What a smart little girl. Sorry no pictures right, they'll be coming soon.


tyler and emily said...

Wow! What a smart girl. I hope you guys are prepared!! Haha. (I want to go swimming!)

The Quilters said...

Yeah, here in Utah it's still way too cold to go swimming, but just you wait, we'll have our time, I don't know when it's going to come because one day it'll be all nice and sunny and the next it'll be snowing, but soon I'm hoping for soon. That's way funny that she got out. She's saying yeah, I'm independent, and ready for a toddler bed, Whaoooo!