Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Third Anniversary

This is a quick overview of us before we met and our life together up to the present. I love you Cory! Happy Anniversary! (Not to confuse but our anniversary is March 2)


The Quilters said...

So Cute! I love it. It's cool because more than a couple of those pictures I've taken. Such a cute family, love ya Liz!

tyler and emily said...

Happy Anniversary!! It's neat to have seen you two from the beginning. I can't believe how much Naomi looks like Cory as a toddler! I had no idea.
I feel honored to be part of your slideshow. :)
I really like the picture of your first dance. You guys are so cute together.

karen and co. said...

Happy anniversary!

Which reminds me, tomorrow is the big future day!!

The Kelly Family said...

Happy Anniversary. That picture of Cory and his twin kissing you on your wedding day is a little bit creepy. Love you!