Monday, August 8, 2011

2 Weeks Old and From the Mouth of Naomi

Can you believe it? My little, big man is already 2 weeks old. Well we went to the doctor on Friday and he now weighs.....(drum roll please)......10lbs 7oz. He has gained more than a pound since coming home from the hospital. The doctor said, "Normally, the baby is up to birth weight by 2 weeks." Not my boy, go big or go home is his motto.

Look at those cute chubby cheeks and his facial expressions, makes you think of Naomi huh?!

Well Naomi also had her 4 year check up. Yes I know she is almost 4 1/2, but I figured I'd just wait til Jaxon was born. Her stats are 37lbs, 38 inches tall. She is in the 50th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height, this is how it has always been for her. She's doomed to be a shorty like me. During any meal, I tell her that if she eats all her food she'll grow to be taller then mommy. And she likes that idea so she digs right in. Also, she would want me to mention that she got 4 shots: 1 on her finger, 1 on one leg, and 2 on the other leg. She did not enjoy them, but she had to get them. It was sad to hear her say, "mom, they hurt so bad" :(

Naomi always wants to take pictures with Jaxon, so here are some cute ones.

And the other night Naomi made the funniest comment. Cory and I just looked at each other and wondered where that came from.

Naomi had just come from playing upstairs and started asking Cory what he was doing.

Naomi: Dad, what are you watching?
Cory: A spy show, it's called Covert Affairs.
N: What's it called?
C: (enunciated a little clearer this time) Covert Affairs.
N: Conquer the ferrets? (I started laughing once she said this)
C: No, Covert Affairs.
N: (imagine the sassiness that came with this comment)But Daddy, I don't speak Spanish.

Yes, this came from the mouth of Naomi, and I have no idea where she got it from. But I love listening to her because she says the funniest things.

Oh, how I love my kids!


Courtney B said...

Haha!! Naomi is so hilarious.. it!
Ooh you have the cutest kids in the world!!

Emily said...

haha! naomi cracks me up. I can't believe jaxon is already 2 weeks.