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The end of July was a big month of Firsts for our family: Naomi's First day of school, Jaxon's First birthday, and Jaxon's First birthday party. Funny thing is Naomi's first day of school and Jaxon's birthday landed on the same day.

The Story of Naomi's First Day of School (a little long but a good read)
Well Naomi's first day of school started out amazing. She was so excited! We ate yummy puffins (pancake muffins, so delicious, definitely a recipe you should try). Got ready, played, took pictures, played some more, and then waited for the bus. We waited and waited, in the heat, and waited some more. Fifteen minutes passed and we were still waiting. I sent Naomi in to go to the bathroom while Jaxon and I waited on the porch. Just before Naomi came back out the bus came by, but it didn't stop just passed us by. Didn't even look. Naomi came running out so she wouldn't miss the bus. She asked me where the bus was and I told her it didn't stop. She was very sad, and I was a little mad. She sat down on the sidewalk and started crying, which broke my heart. I thought, wow this is the worst way to start off her schooling experience. We waited about 5 more minutes, and then I told Naomi we needed to go and that I would drive her to school. She told me she did not want me to drive her, and yes she was still crying. She then calmed down and we got in the car so I could get her to school before she was late. I was pretty mad and anxious, I thought I would watch her get on the bus and cry, but no, I was driving her to school pretty frustrated. But I first dropped off Jaxon at my sister-in-law's house because I needed to walk Naomi in to the school and talk to the front office.We got to school just as the bell was ringing to line up. So she got in line and I watched her walk into her class with her new classmates. Before I left I talked to her teacher to make sure she would get on the correct bus going home. Her teacher told me before I left that the first thing Naomi told her was that the bus driver forgot to pick her up. I was about to go and talk to the front office about the this but then her bus driver walked up with the kids because they were late. She said she realized she forgot our stop once she got to the next one so she had to go all the way around again to get to our house, but by that time we were gone. So I didn't talk to the office because I felt good after talking to the bus driver and finding out that she did come back. So I drove back to pick up Jaxon, and then went home, where I stressed about whether she would make it home on the correct bus.

After Jaxon's nap we got up and walked to the bus stop. Above is Jaxon waiting for Naomi to get home. So we waited and we waited and we waited some more. And finally after waiting a half hour in 110+ degree weather, this happy girl hops off the bus (pictured below).
 She told me that she sits at the purple table and made lots of new friends, but she couldn't remember their names. She told me how they learned the class rules. And she said it was the best day ever. But if you ask her how her first day of school went the first thing she would tell you is that the bus driver forgot to pick her up. But even though that there was an issue with the first day of school we all survived. And hey, we got a good story out of it.

 So here are pictures from her second day of school, but here FIRST time getting picked up by the bus to go to school. She loves riding the bus. Still she gets a little concerned everyday that the bus might forget her again. But we haven't had any problems since.

Now the birthday boy! I can't believe he is one. It seems like yesterday when he was a newborn and slept all the time. Now he is almost a toddler. Almost walking, trying to talk to us, understanding so much! They grow so fast. 

 This was my practice cake for Jaxon's big party.
On his birthday we had cake just the 4 of us. Jaxon tasted the cake and got a little dirty but mostly just liked squishing it between his fingers.

Party Like A Rockstar! Jaxon's first birthday party was a Rockstar / Milk & Cookies bash

 Jaxon was really happy for his party which I was really happy about. My friend Karen took all the pictures. Thanks! It was nice being able to host and enjoy the party without having to also worrying about taking pictures.
 The dessert table was filled with yummy cookies: smore's cookies, chocolate chip, no bake, pumpkin, sugar, and banana oatmeal. My sister-in-law Amy helped with the cookies.
 Most of our family and close friends were able to attend. Not all are pictured though. We had a photo booth where you could dress up like a rock star. We got some good pictures.
 Jaxon actually tried to get into the presents before everyone arrived. When it came time to open them he didn't quite get it, but Naomi showed him the way. His favorite gift is the plastic golf club set. He holds them about 95% of the day.

Jaxon was getting tired so we wanted to hurry and do the cake. Above is the guitar cake that I made and iced with homemade buttercream icing. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I got my idea from Pinterest, I just made it my own by tinting the icing blue and grey instead.
  We sang, Naomi blew out the candle, then we gave Jaxon his own piece to dive into. He poked at it, tasted it, and then screamed for his golf club. He enjoyed chewing on his golf club more then eating the cake. Oh well. We had a fun time!

It was so fun to celebrate all these FIRSTS with my kids. I may not have cried in the moment but thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

AND because it is fun to show you some comparison pictures, here is Jaxon and Naomi both at 1 year. What do you think? I think Jaxon is starting to develop his own look.

Oh and I love this picture, the lighting didn't turn out very well, but you can see how much they love each other.

***Little update: Jaxon is still not walking, which I don't mind, but he is very close. The most steps he has taken is 6. He moves pretty fast along the furniture and the walls. I'm afraid he might skip walking and just run. Hopefully not though.

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Emily said...

I love reading all your updates on your family! I can't believe Naomi's old enough for school! Crazy! And sad about the bus on the first day. I would have been ticked. We imagine the first day to be tear jerking and perfect :) A story is probably better though. And Jaxon's cake looks awesome! I've never met the boy and he's already 1!