Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Who's Walking

Yeah, you guessed it. 

This guy!! 

Jaxon has been walking 4-6 steps for the last 3 weeks. He even walked 9 steps one night while my friend was babysitting. But this past week on Monday August 13 Jaxon mastered the skill of walking by himself.
(Sorry the video is sideways, tried to fix it but couldn't do it)

He has really good balance and will bend down to pick things up and stand right back up. He also can stand up all by himself. He has also learned to kick a ball like he's playing soccer. Pretty sure he learned it from watching Naomi. Can't believe my boy is growing up so fast.

Here are some other videos I thought you would enjoy of Jaxon.

Screaming Jaxon

The Golfer or Hockey Player

Now we're on the countdown to nursery. Only five more months ; )

Oh and I can't forget Naomi. School has been going well for her. I wish I had my camera on Friday, because once I picked her up from the bus stop after school she skipped all the way home. It was the cutest thing, and I could tell that she had a great day.

A couple weeks ago for family night we went bowling. Naomi loves bowling, so here are a couple pictures of her in action.

 Getting set up with Daddy.

Happy that she knocked down some pins, this might have been the time she got a spare.

Well life has been busy but we've been having fun!

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