Monday, August 24, 2009

Afraid of the Big Slide

So Naomi loves going to the park. She loves playing on the equipment. She loves going down little slides, but she won't go down any of the big corkscrew slides (like the one pictured above) because they scare her.

This morning before it got too hot, we went to the little park in our complex. She brought her baby doll with because she said her baby wanted to go down the slide. She went to where the big corkscrew slide was and pushed her baby down. She had me stand at the bottom to catch the baby. After a while, she decided she wanted to go down but only if I came with. I went down with her twice, and then I told her she should try it by herself. I said I'd catch her at the bottom. She'd get to the top and I'd say ready go, but then she'd start whimpering and move away from the slide. After a lot of coaxing she finally went down the slide all by herself, although she went down on her tummy at least she did it.

I'm so proud of her, it's hard to overcome fears.


Miller Family said...

thanks for giving me something to read. :) Kids are so fun!

Brian and Michelle said...

Naomi is such a big girl! I enjoy reading your updates. :)

karen and co. said...

Way to go Naomi!!

We'll have to take the kids to the park once we get to Arizona. Caleb shows no fear at the park anymore. He's been around older kids for too long now, he thinks he can do anything they can do.