Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's a Bug on My Head

When it comes to taking pictures of Naomi, she is very uncooperative. She runs before the camera takes the picture, she usually doesn't smile, and she won't usually look at the camera. If I ask her to say cheese, she'll say it as she turns her head the other direction. I've tried a lot of things to get her to look at me and the only thing that works 99 percent of the time is when I say, "say cheese, there's a bug on my head." She looks because she is so fascinated by bugs.

Anyway, today she was playing with her toy camera and decided she should take pictures of mommy. So I stand there so she can take my picture and she says to me, "say cheese, there's a bug on my head." She's so funny.


The Quilters said...

Giggle, giggle. That is so funny. Your a hoot Liz. Give Naomi lovins from me. Love you.

Miller Family said...

gotta love kids. :) so there is a lice problem in your home? jk lol

tyler and emily said...

Hahahaha!! That is funny! What a cutie.