Saturday, August 15, 2009

Growing Up

Naomi is growing up way too fast. She is becoming very independent and loves to pretend like she is the mom. She especially loves to help me with chores. She won't let me buckle her into her high chair because she can do it herself, which is what she tells me if I come near her. She is now figuring out how to buckle herself up in the car seat. The car seat was in the house today so she spent some time figuring out how it worked and then practicing her skills. With very little help from me, she figured it out.

She even put her shoes on today by herself, on the correct feet. Naomi likes to take care of her baby. She changes baby's diaper, sings her songs, reads to her, even puts her down for naps and rubs her head and cuddles her. It's so cute.

Naomi's favorite chore is to put the dishes away. She loves it. Our dishwasher doesn't work very well, so I hand wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher to dry. Naomi wants to instantly put them away but I try to explain to her that we have to let them dry. She doesn't quite understand but she waits until I tell her its time and then she gets so excited and starts pulling out dishes. The nice thing is that she knows where most everything goes and the only things I help her with are the high stuff and the glass stuff.

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tyler and emily said...

Wow that's crazy! She's mommy's little helper. She'll be a great big sister someday too.