Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and Belly Shot

We had a fun Easter this year! We started off the festivities the Thursday before. Karen and Caleb came over in the afternoon to have a little egg hunt and dye eggs. The kids had fun with the egg hunt, which was in our front yard because there are more places to hide eggs. Then when they found all the eggs they came in and checked out their loot then we dyed eggs with a kit that Karen brought. I think one of their favorite parts of dyeing the eggs was putting the sticker faces on. They also enjoyed the story of Humpty Dumpty. Thanks for the fun Karen and Caleb!

(The smashed egg is Humpty Dumpty, and the eggs Naomi dyed she called the Humpty Dumpty Family)

On Saturday morning we went over to my Sister-in-law's, Amy, parents' house for an Easter egg hunt and breakfast. Sadly my camera batteries died so I only got a couple pictures, but Naomi and all of the other kids had fun. Then we had a delicious breakfast of French Toast, sausage, and fruit. Yummy!

(Naomi found lots of eggs, the picture of the right is right before we set them loose)

Sunday, Naomi woke up and was so excited to see what they Easter bunny brought. She got coloring books, a play doh set, chalk, and her favorite, chocolate eggs. She was most excited about the chocolate eggs. After church, we went over to Cory's mom's house for dinner. There was quite the crowd there. And the food was delicious! There were other little kids there too and the grandmas set up another Easter egg hunt, which the kids loved.

All in all, we had a great Easter!

Now for the belly shot. Here I am at 28 weeks.


the Gardners said...

Too much fun! BTW you look awesome!

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Haha.. you totally just got done playing or were heading out to play softball in your belly pic! You are just all belly and oh so cute pregnant!

Emily said...

Wow, lots of Easter Egg Hunts. Awesome! What a fun weekend. I love seeing your belly pictures. You're such a cute pregnant woman!

The Kelly Family said...

You should take the basketball out from under your shirt. jk. Cute! We did the smily face egg kit, too. I need to call you this week. We need to talk about Utah in August.

The Ovard Family said...

Are you sure there aren't 2 babies in there?? Your belly is cute :D can't wait to meet the little guy. Now Gage won't be stuck playing girl stuff with all the girls. Love ya!