Friday, October 17, 2014


April was a good month. We had Naomi's birthday party. We played a lot. Sadly I don't remember all that we did. This is why I am trying to get quickly caught up so that I don't forget.

 Naomi had a Frozen themed party with all her school friends and church friends. This was the Olaf cupcake cake I made. Naomi loved it, she had such a fun party.
 My Grandma Taylor was able to come to the party. Naomi was so happy to she could come.
 This is Jaxon's curly hair after bathtime. I love it, which is why I have a hard time cutting it.
 After bath time photo session. Jaxon loves getting his picture taken and he loves making silly faces. So here are all the silly faces he makes.

 Naomi was ready to join the fun.
 We love bath time!
 Jaxon was helping me make chocolate muffins, and he loved licking the mixing tools. He even tried to take a spoon to the batter.
 Marley at 5 months got her first taste of baby food, and she loved it!
 Jaxon loves playing with potato heads. He made daddy, me and himself.
 Jaxon always asks to hold Marley and she doesn't mind.
 Jaxon don't take no crap off of nobody! Haha, can you name the movie?
 My happy baby!
She loves going for walks in the jogging stroller! Always so happy!

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