Thursday, October 2, 2014


January a crazy month. 

 This girl turned 2 months. Love her squishy cheeks and thighs.
Enjoyed some scrapbooking with her Aunt Sondra.

Enjoyed the Mesa, Temple open house with Cory's Dad. It is so beautiful and it was so fun walking through with Naomi. She "oohed" and "ahhed" over everything, especially the chandeliers.

Got sick with a stomach bug. Poor Jaxon it was so sad. Cory and I got it twice. Luckily Marley and Naomi were fine.

 Watched Naomi play soccer. I guess the only pictures I got of her was while she played goalie. She made some really good stops.

And we had a visit from the tooth fairy. Naomi pulled out her tooth all by herself.

January was fun at times and rough at times, but we made it through.

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