Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, You live in a Zoo...

So this month has been busy with birthdays in our family: my grandma's, my brothers, Cory's brother, lots of friends, and other family members' birthdays. We've also celebrated my birthday and Cory's birthday. Cory's was the 12th and mine was the 20th. For Cory's birthday, he went golfing with his twin, watched BYU win a football game for him, and we went on a date. Then between our birthdays we celebrated with some family and friends. We had my new favorite cake, a big chocolate cookie from Paradise Bakery (if you haven't had one of their cookies you are missing out).
For my birthday, my visiting teachers made me lunch on Friday to celebrate my birthday. I went on a shopping trip to Kohl's. On my actual birthday, Cory let me sleep in and he got Naomi ready for church. Then Cory's mom made us dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. On Monday Cory took me and Naomi to dinner, then he let me do a little more shopping.

So Cory and I both had good birthdays and we hope everyone else who had or will have a birthday this month had a great day!

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karen and co. said...

That cookie was so delish!