Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stop and Smell the...Popcorn

Naomi loves to be a dog. She especially loves to sniff everything like dogs do. She loves to smell the flowers as we walk by each bush and she especially loves to smell food. So while Naomi was watching a movie and eating popcorn today, she started complaining about her nose and was sniffing a ton. I came over to see what was wrong with her nose. I didn't see anything so I pinched her nose to keep whatever was bothering her from getting stuck. That is when I noticed the kernal. I tried to get her to blow it out but all she would do is suck in so I didn't stop pinching her nose. I tried to use my finger but that didn't work. I finally squeezed it out.

She's always been really good about not putting the un-popped kernals in her mouth; she usually throws them all away. But today she was curious to know what they smelled like.

Let's just say, it was a scary moment for both of us, and hopefully she learned her lesson.


Sunny said...

Yikes! I'm glad everything worked out okay.

tyler and emily said...

Wow. That would be scary. At least you know she wasn't just sticking it up there for the heck of it, though. I'm glad things turned out fine.

Miller Family said...

i have had to go after rubber bands and klenex up my daughters nose. It was past the little blocking piece of skin that is supposed to keep things from going back there! Seriously I know all about it. :)