Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Bows

So yesterday I got together with Kristina and Tiffany (friends from my ward) and we worked on bows and flowers clips almost all day. I even made a bow holder for Naomi. Naomi played with Kristina's girls and they got along pretty well. It was fun! Here are the finished products:

I only made one bow holder because I thought that one would be enough, but when I was putting all of Naomi's bows on it I realized that she would need another bow holder. So I can't wait until our next bow making day so I can make another bow holder too.


Miller Family said...

lol ;) told you one wouldn't be enough!

The Kelly Family said...

We had a bow party a few weeks ago here, too. We made more of the curly bows and then some bows like your red polka dot ones. Cute bow holder. Our bow holders are over flowing, too. I like the big flower. Just get another one (pink or magenta) just hang them next to each other. Super cute. We need to have a bow party again :) Miss you. And Happy Birthday late. We are going to call you tonight. I promise!

tyler and emily said...

They're so fun to make huh?! Your's look so cute. Did you make the orange and black ones for Halloween?