Friday, October 2, 2009

Ramblings of an Insomniac

I don't know what it is but lately I have had the hardest time getting to sleep, even more than normal. It's a little frustrating. I can't get my mind to quit. I just lay and think about everything: to-do lists, shopping, projects, unfinished projects, stresses of life and so on. It takes me a while to wind down. So maybe if I just write what I'm thinking I'll be able to fall asleep (don't worry I have cute stuff to blog about Naomi, so this will only take a moment).

I either have really good days or really bad days, nothing in between. And throughout those days I have really good moments and really bad moments. It's like a continuous roller coaster ride. I've realized that part of my problem is in those bad days and bad moments I only see the really bad. I've been trying harder to see the good in every situation, it usually takes a while but I see it...eventually. Like the other night when Naomi was grumpy as could be, I was trying to get her ready for bed and before I could get her pull up on her for the night she ran out of the room. Normally when she does that I chase after her more out of anger and she laughs and runs and I get more frustrated. But this time I finally just let her run around and giggle, and I realized how much I love when she laughs and that she only thinks we're playing a game. It really did make the bad moment not seem so bad.

This definitely cleared my mind, so I'm off to dream land. Thanks for patiently reading through my ramblings :)


tyler and emily said...

Man, sorry things have been crazy. I know what you mean about your mind not shutting off. You can vent on here anytime... I don't mind reading, or you can always call me or something.
Way to go with looking at things with the cup half full. I know that's usually easier said than done.

the Gardners said...

When I lay down for bed and have stuff running like crazy in my head, writing down a list always works for me, too. And yes, I too have discovered lately how good it is to just laugh instead of being so serious! Thanks for posting and helping me know that I'm not the only crazy out there! =)