Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What we've been up to

Warning: This will be a long post. So enjoy.

A week ago Monday, I put Naomi's Halloween shirt from last year (which was big then) on her and it fit. But definitely won't fit next year. So I told Naomi to say cheese and this is what turned out.

The next day (a week ago Tuesday) we thought it would be fun to put on her tutu and dance. She was spinning and hopping and doing yoga moves.

Once she got bored of dancing, she thought it would be fun to play with her beach ball. She especially enjoyed throwing it up in the air as high as she could.

The next day Naomi helped make cupcakes.

On Saturday, we went to a baby shower for my cousin Jessica. Naomi loved playing with all the balloons. And then we had a barbeque with our friends the Millers and the Smiths. We watched the BYU football while our kids played. Then we played sword fighting on their Wii and the kids had fun mimicking us. I wish I had taken pictures because the kids were so cute.

On Sunday we had dinner with Great Uncle Dale and all his family, Great Aunt Mary, and Great Grandma and Great Papa Taylor. Before we went over there we had to make mashed potatoes and Naomi wanted to help.(I'm sad because I forgot to pull out my camera while we were there visiting)
On Monday, Naomi went to a dance class that a lady in our ward has put together for our ward. The class was small that day but Naomi had fun.

After the dance class, we headed to the outdoor mall. We played at the playground with our friends the Hilton's (sorry no pictures). Before we left we went into the Build-A-Bear store and then the Disney Store. Naomi had fun trying on a princess dress and shoes (which I totally forgot to take her picture) and then she tried on the Winnie the Pooh costume. She looked so cute.

That night we had Family Home Evening. We haven't been very consistent since moving here, but we've been consistent for about the last month or so. Anyway, Naomi gets really grumpy when we say it's time for FHE. But this time she actually participated and mostly understood what was going on. Lately we've been having a hard time keeping the house clean, it's like no matter how much I clean it's never all done. So our lesson was based on the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 88:119. I drew a picture of a house and Naomi said it was our house. Then I split the house into different parts and told her if we wanted to have a House of God, that we also needed a "house of prayer, ...fasting,, learning, ...glory, ...order" and that we would focus on order. Then I took another paper and drew a picture of Naomi, me and Cory; and next to the pictures I drew what our chores were for the week. She really liked that, and so far we have followed through with what we talked about. It's nice to know that at least one of the last four or five lessons Naomi actually learned something from it.

Yesterday we had fun playing around the house and at the park. (She loves to cheese the camera)

(In the above picture she is building a "fire." The fire is a pile of wood chips, what an imagination.)

After quiet time, Naomi wanted to make a treasure map. So I drew one for her to color and I made her a pirate patch. She had fun being a pirate and searching for treasure with her map.

I know this was a long post, but I hope you enjoyed.

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Miller Family said...

I loved your post, it was fun to see what you've been up to! You should have told me I would have gotten out the camera for you! :)

So, you need to join the FHE packet swap! If you haven't heard of it already call me and ask me! It is GREAT! :) My girls actually ASK me when FHE is because they love the little laminiated things they get to play with! :)