Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Break It, We Fix It

Naomi likes Handy Manny and she loved the movie Tinkerbell. Because of these shows she likes to pretend she's fixing things. So she told me my closet door was broken and that she'd fix it.

In one of the drawers in the bathroom Naomi found some toothpaste which she used as a glue on the door and then she found a thermometer and used it as a screwdriver. She's so creative.


Miller Family said...

so fun. My daughters love that stuff too. May I suggest a really cool tool box for her for Christmas? My girls love theirs. I got it shortly after I was hanging pictures and heard a scream - looked down and saw Mia crying and a nail hanging out of the light socket. :) Although she was only 2, I am pretty sure she won't do that again ! :) Funny thing, in my panic, all that I could think about was to give her milk. I mean, it helps with a burned tongue right? :)

tyler and emily said...

Yes she is creative! Who thinks of that? So cute!